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Share and converse with friends in any language

With interest in Pinterest at an all time high it may be time to look at another free social network application that has the potential to catch the attention of the avaricious app-eating public. Chumkee let's it's members create and post funny videos of themselves answering specific questions, posting funny photos of themselves or taking challenges. It's social side rears it's head by allowing the user to enter  into conversations with others that find their posts fun or interesting no matter where they are in the world. Chumkee translates your conversation into one of over 30 ...  More

Chumkee Jul 1st 2012

A beautiful journal for your words, photos and videos

Whatever happened to the daily diary? It used to be fantastic to read through someone's (or your own) daily journals many years later and discovering the way life was back then. Journalized is a journal application for iOS that fulfills the three basic elements of an online journal diary. Somewhere to write your thoughts each day, somewhere to put your photographic memories and somewhere to put your videos of precious moments and events. But that's not all. This free app also features a library for photos and videos, a calendar and a multimedia browser to make it easier to control ...  More

Journalized Jun 30th 2012

Next generation photo hotspot generator

You might have noticed a recent trend in newspapers where, if you swish your device over the picture and say the magic word, a whole stack of related stuff comes your way. It's quite a nifty way for the newspaper guys to convince their readership that they are moving into the 21st Century. Well, ImageSpike follows that lead with a rather unique set of tools that lets you link your photos to your social network site with the aid of a cute little logo button or hotspot generator that gets your viewers there with just one click or opens up a world of other multimedia material.   ...  More

ImageSpike Jun 20th 2012

Take great panoramic widescreen photos with your iOS or Android

The first and probably the most important thing I can tell you about this superb and cheap photo app for iOS and Android is that it has been developed by Wondershare. In case you arent aware of the quality of Wondershare apps their other two flagship applications are the 'best in class' photo apps Powercam and Powersketch. Where Panorama differs from these others is by giving you exactly what it's name suggests. A panoramic widescreen image of the picture you want to take.   Its not that long ago that you would probably have had to buy an expensive wide-angle lens to produce shots ...  More

Panorama Jun 12th 2012

A photoshop to change the color of your day

How many photo apps do you have on your iDevice, I wonder. I guess most of you have Instagram which seems to have exploded beyond belief. What about Photo Toaster or Powersketch? You can see reviews of both of those two on Feedmyapp too. Photo LOL is a virtual photoshop of effects that specializes in retouching and recoloring your photos to turn them into great pieces of art to amaze your friends. What's more, it's incredibly easy to use and heaps of fun when you get the hang of it.   Photo LoL is an incredible photo-retouch iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that has the ability ...  More

Photo LoL Jun 10th 2012

Its a celebrity Twitter photo fest

A picture says a thousand words is how the epithet goes but, in Twitter's case, you would have to reduce it to 140 characters or less, of course. Jellibug is a photo application that gathers all the pictures that celebrities of all types post on their Twitter accounts and presents them all for you to view. So now you don't have to rush out and buy that gossip magazine that you really only buy because of the pictures anyway.   Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Jenna Marbles, Tori Spelling,  Kristen Bell,  Christiano Ronaldo or Shaun White..they are all here. Whether it is ...  More

Jellibug May 24th 2012

Unique photo editor for your photos and videos

Let me just lay it on the line here. I love a good photo application. Judging by the number of photo apps available these days and the massive popularity of apps like Instagram, Photo Toaster, Jazz and Hipstamatic, the rest of the world loves them too. Powersketch is a little gem of a photo and video editor developed by the people who gave us Powercam, which FeedMyApp reviewed recently. It provides some very cool and unique special effects for photos and videos that will make your friends sit up and take notice.   The PowerSketch app allows you to apply amazing artists sketch effects ...  More

PowerSketch May 16th 2012

A photo and video app to die for

Okay now, listen up people. This is an app to recommend to friends. You can't beat a good photo warping app can you. There are so many of them around these days and most offer something a little different. There's Instagram, of course as well as a couple of recent ones that I love - namely Photo Toaster and Jazz. Powercam  is a new and free social photo and video warping application for iPhone that features over fifty effect filters that work for both your photos and your videos. After you have created your masterpiece you can easily share it on your favorite social network.   ...  More

Powercam May 7th 2012

Throw away your Instagram. Here's the real deal...

With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Mr Zuckerberg's all consuming Facebook organization we can expect to see a lot more photo editing applications on the market - as if there aren't enough already. However, the extremely cool looking Jazz could well be the one to make the big leap forward. This powerful photoshare and photo editor for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone puts it's considerable hand up by offering unlimited photo stylings for the interested amateur yet provides plenty of unique features to make even the most hardened pro sit up and take notice.   Jazz is a powerful ...  More

Jazz... Apr 21st 2012

Youve redesigned your Timeline page. Now for Google+

Google+ has tended to be the forgotten brother when it has come to designing pretty covers for your online pages. While Facebook's Timeline has been festooned with great cover making apps like Picscatter, Cover Photo Maker for Facebook and New FB Cover but I'm finding it very hard to find any apps for tarting up your Google+ cover page. So thank goodness for Google Plus Cover Photo Maker - a free design engine for Google where you can make your cover page one notch up from the rest.   CoverPhotoEditor.com is a powerful, responsive and very quick and easy to use online profile cover ...  More

Google Plus Cover Photo Maker Apr 20th 2012

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