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Organize the household with this collaborative whiteboard

HATCHEDit is like a collaborative whiteboard for Android where you can organize your collective family life with a calendar, an address book, a family news and notebook tool and household blog. It's a place to keep all the important information the family needs and then adds a social aspect by letting you share relevant information, not only with your spouse and kids, but also with grandparents, babysitters and au pairs.   HATCHEDit is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life and succeeds in bringing social collaborative tools online and into the home.  Its a free ...  More

HatchedIt Apr 18th 2012

Instantly amazing Instagram photos in real time

If you look for the word Instamazing in the Urban Dictionary it will be described as an amalgamation between the words 'Instantly' and 'Amazing' which seems to be a rather apt description of this well timed free image and photo share application. It's the place to go to see the squillions of wonderfully warped photos submitted by Instagram members. You can view the artistic photographic skills in real time and coming at you from all parts of the world.   So, there may be some people out there who aren't sure what Instagram actually is. I know it's hard to believe but I saw an ...  More

Instamazing Mar 18th 2012

Make your Instagrams more Pinteresting

Pingram is a free photosharing application where you can display and share your cool Instagram photos inside a tasty looking interface that works just like the very popular Pinterest. It was developed with both Instagram and Pinterest in mind because those two apps are at the cutting edge of both photo warping and addictive photosharing techniques. What's more, Pingram also serves as a URL shortener and users can get a free URL page with your very own vanity personalized address.   I guess you know a fair bit about the photosharing application  Pinterest by now. Its been slated ...  More

Pingram.me Mar 2nd 2012

What will you look like when you get older?

Time Machine Jump To The Future is an often hilarious and sometimes scary photo and entertainment application for iPad and iPhone that shows you what you will look like in forty years. How does it do that you may ask? Well it's as simple as uploading a portrait photo into Time Machine, then aging it and then watching it on screen as it ages in front of your eyes. See, told you it was scary.   Have you ever wanted to know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will look 40 years from now? Whether she or he’ll be just like your mother or father-in-law? You can take that test now with ...  More

Time Machine Jump to the Future Feb 28th 2012

Make your Facebook Timeline cover uniquely you

You may have noticed the plethora of apps being made available to make your Facebook Timeline banner look ever more glorious. Facebook Photo Maker follows similar design apps like Facebook Timeline Cover Maker, Picscatter and NewFBCover but, of course, it delivers a slightly different take on the banner process. This design application for your favorite social network that allows you to use your own photos and add personal messages to create a totally unique and beautiful looking Facebook Timeline experience for all your friends to see and admire.   Facebook’s new Timeline Cover ...  More

Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Feb 28th 2012

Make your Facebook Timeline page stand out from the crowd

By now everyone has the opportunity to modify their Facebook page to Timeline. Yeah, we all moaned about it at first but now we've got used to it we realize that it's actually pretty cool. But now you want to make it look even better, don't you? Picscatter is a Facebook Timeline cover design application that is similar to the likes of Timeline Cover Banner and newFBCover that will make your timeline page really stand out from the crowd.   Picscatter is a Facebook Timeline cover maker application that let's you create many different timeline banners with more than a touch of class ...  More

Picscatter Feb 7th 2012

Strike a pose to improve your portrait photos

It's pretty difficult to take a truly bad photograph using a digital camera. However, there are plenty of other things you can do to make your pictures extra special. For me, framing is one of the most important things to get right. Then there's the posing of your model. Posing App is a free photo learning application for your iOS that gives you 140 great people poses to make your subject more interesting and your photos more professional looking.   Posing App is the ultimate simple posing reference for photographers and models with a variety of poses to choose from for any shooting ...  More

Posing App Feb 4th 2012

Cyber fridge...

Sorry for the pun but I’m afraid this  one leaves me a bit cold (Ed - there goes another rib...).  What’s funny is that a lot of apps promote their ability to help you cut down on clutter such as scraps of paper and Post-It notes whereas this one actively encourages you to recreate the same squalid looking mess  on your PC rather than stuck to your fridge door. If you’re a Facebook user you can create an account and set up your own efridge and what’s more you can post notes on any Facebook user’s efridge. Just why you’d want to ...  More

efridge Jan 16th 2012

Cool photosharing for iphone

It seems to be the current fad to fiddle around with your photos and share them with your friends. When I say fiddle around I mean to warp them with colors and effects. Mind you, if I see one more green tinged photo using Hipstamatic I think I'm going to scream. PicYou is a new social photoshare application for iPhone that gives you lots of effects to play and warp your photos and share them with your friends and the big wide world on Facebook and Twitter.  More

PicYou iPhone App Jan 16th 2012

Add cool photos and drawings to your messages

If you are a fan of flash animation but haven't a clue as to how to create it then Doink Express is a fine place to start. Here we have a photo and drawing app for iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch that delivers the tools to make cool looking animations that can be shared on Facebook, sent as an email or shared as a stream in the Doink library.   DoInk Express is a fun place to create and enjoy art and animation whilst giving you a place to make your own. It lets you add life, interest and excitement to short messages using animations, drawings, photos and sound. DoInk brings two things to ...  More

DoInk Express Jan 15th 2012

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