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Illustrate your photo spreads with the stories behind them

Much as I love it when my friends put personal photos up there is something so much better when they are accompanied by a bit of a spiel to tell us viewers the circumstances of the event. A picture of a beach is a picture of a beach no matter how photogenic it is but if you knew that it was the place where your friends saw dolphins in the water and had a romantic picnic then it changes the whole scenario. Rewindy is a photoshare app that turns into a storytelling app by allowing you to create a visual story of your photos accompanied by some personal thoughts about the time and place. ...  More

Rewindy Jul 24th 2012

Put a voiceover on your photos

I guess we are going to refer to pretty well every photoshare with comments application as Pinteresting from here on in. There are lots of them springing up all over the place and each one seems to have its own specific quirk to set it apart from the others. Enpixa is a free photo share app for iPhone where you can add your voice to it so you can tell everyone the circumstances of when it was taken. Well, you weren't expecting that, we're you? When you have chosen or taken your photo just record your 30 second voice over and share it on email or through your favorite social networking ...  More

Enpixa Jul 5th 2012

Share and converse with friends in any language

With interest in Pinterest at an all time high it may be time to look at another free social network application that has the potential to catch the attention of the avaricious app-eating public. Chumkee let's it's members create and post funny videos of themselves answering specific questions, posting funny photos of themselves or taking challenges. It's social side rears it's head by allowing the user to enter  into conversations with others that find their posts fun or interesting no matter where they are in the world. Chumkee translates your conversation into one of over 30 ...  More

Chumkee Jul 1st 2012

Hip-hop, R&B, soul and reggae on your iphone

Time for the boys in tha hood to stand up and pay attention. HoodHype Show is a completely free magazine style music application for iPhone that is dedicated to spreading the word about the independent voices from the underground of hip-hop, R&B, Soul and reggae. This worldwide production of emerging artists and solid gold stars is now available for iPhone and provides podcasts and live music, news and  interviews with some of the hottest independent music on the Internet.   The HoodHype iPhone app was developed for listeners of the HoodHype Independent Hip-Hop Talk ...  More

HoodHype Show May 29th 2012

A travel blog thats Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all rolled into one

HipGeo is a travel journal and blog application that was given the accolade of "Most Promising Travel Tech for 2012" by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Now when I saw this award given my eyes lit up because, let's face it, the world can't have too many travel apps. So how did Hip Geo grab the headlines? By providing a great looking free trip journal and travel diary which keeps all your useful travel information in one place - on your smartphone.   You will find plenty of great travel blogs and guides reviewed in FeedMyApp with apps like Tripl, Exploguide and Know What ...  More

HipGeo May 6th 2012

A social photoshare network to use on the go

Realikety is a very interesting new take on the social networking concept that works on the theory of 'liking' anything you see on your travels or just out on the street. Whereas Facebook gives you the ability to 'like' videos you love, photos you want to share and witty and clever updates from your friends, Realikety adds a new spin by getting you to snap photos of things and places you find while on the go, set the location of your shot, add relevant information to go with it and post it for friends to enjoy, react and comment on.   The snappily named Realikety was put together by ...  More

Realikety - "Like" Reality! Apr 26th 2012

Throw away your Instagram. Here's the real deal...

With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Mr Zuckerberg's all consuming Facebook organization we can expect to see a lot more photo editing applications on the market - as if there aren't enough already. However, the extremely cool looking Jazz could well be the one to make the big leap forward. This powerful photoshare and photo editor for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone puts it's considerable hand up by offering unlimited photo stylings for the interested amateur yet provides plenty of unique features to make even the most hardened pro sit up and take notice.   Jazz is a powerful ...  More

Jazz... Apr 21st 2012

Create and share scrapbooks with social friends

Scrapbooking was huge during the nineties if I remember rightly but i guess it got rather swallowed up by the social networking phenomena over recent years. Wollage re-activates the scrapbooking theme and brings it up to date with the new century technology by turning it social. Rather than painstakingly sticking photos, precious memories and a myriad of other stuff into your scrapbook and then filing it under the stairs for viewing later by a select few, Wollage brings your collective memories into a social setting by allowing you to create your scrapbook online and then sharing it with ...  More

Wollage, the social-scrapbook Apr 10th 2012

Instagram for the moving image

We all seem to be so in love with photo warping apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic and it was really only a matter of time before a similar app was developed for the moving image. Of course, there is the staggeringly beautiful Cinemagraphs but the only problem there is that it takes so damned long to put a great image together. Flixel is a free photo and video share application for iPhone, iPad2 and iPod Touch that let's you 'live paint' your 'animations' quickly and turn them into pieces of art that will make your friends gasp just a little bit.   Flixel is a free application for ...  More

Flixel Mar 28th 2012

Instantly amazing Instagram photos in real time

If you look for the word Instamazing in the Urban Dictionary it will be described as an amalgamation between the words 'Instantly' and 'Amazing' which seems to be a rather apt description of this well timed free image and photo share application. It's the place to go to see the squillions of wonderfully warped photos submitted by Instagram members. You can view the artistic photographic skills in real time and coming at you from all parts of the world.   So, there may be some people out there who aren't sure what Instagram actually is. I know it's hard to believe but I saw an ...  More

Instamazing Mar 18th 2012

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