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Make your Instagrams more Pinteresting

Pingram is a free photosharing application where you can display and share your cool Instagram photos inside a tasty looking interface that works just like the very popular Pinterest. It was developed with both Instagram and Pinterest in mind because those two apps are at the cutting edge of both photo warping and addictive photosharing techniques. What's more, Pingram also serves as a URL shortener and users can get a free URL page with your very own vanity personalized address.   I guess you know a fair bit about the photosharing application  Pinterest by now. Its been slated ...  More Mar 2nd 2012

Cool photosharing for iphone

It seems to be the current fad to fiddle around with your photos and share them with your friends. When I say fiddle around I mean to warp them with colors and effects. Mind you, if I see one more green tinged photo using Hipstamatic I think I'm going to scream. PicYou is a new social photoshare application for iPhone that gives you lots of effects to play and warp your photos and share them with your friends and the big wide world on Facebook and Twitter.  More

PicYou iPhone App Jan 16th 2012

Cool photo share themes

Despite there being a glut of social media sites that let you share your photographs on the Internet there always seems to be a place for the  Instagram  technology - especially amongst iOS users.  It's still one of the simplest ways to quickly snap off a photo and share it with your friends. Photopile is a photo sharing app not unlike Copygram or Extragram that takes your feed from Instagram and let's  you share and display any of your photos there in a Polaroidish and highly attractive kind of way. It displays them almost like a deck of cards splayed out on your ...  More Jan 11th 2012

Create themed photo streams

What a brilliant name for a photographic adventure application this is. PopSafari conjures up images of intrepid traveling and discovering new places and,  when you mix it with a photographic challenge, you know that it's going to be a lot of fun. Lets face it, most of us regard ourselves as photographic geniuses when it comes to digital photography. And it's true...very few digital pictures look average. It's usually only the subject matter that let's them down. PopSafari challenges the amateur as well as the more experienced photographer to create a stream or safari and invite other ...  More

PopSafari Jan 9th 2012

Clustary Pics

Clustary Pics is a photo-sharing platform that is also 'photo-centric'. Most photo-sharing apps ...  More

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Booxie is a creative tool that transforms your photos, videos and graphics into shareable ...  More

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DISCOVER FASHION Find fashion trending among your friends and community. Men's fashion, Women's ...  More

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Blix is a simple way to discover what's going on nearby, like parties, protests, and food ...  More

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Take your fishing pictures from good to great, and share them with people who care! Catchagram ...  More

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This is the perfect app for sharing your favorite moments and memories with your friends, family ...  More

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