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The complete array of project management tools

I'm not sure that I've seen a business project management application that is quite as in-depth as ZilicusPM. It provides a complete management program with project planning, collaboration and execution, a bug tracker, document management as well as a timesheet tracker which covers pretty much all of your business needs. There's also a huge array of tools to analyze the data gained and allow you a complete overview of everything that is going on under your roof.  More

ZilicusPM Jan 22nd 2012

Electronic brainstorming business tools

I like these kind of electronic brainstorming business tools because they fulfil a double purpose. On the one hand, you have the ability to collaborate with various fellow workers who may be situated in the next office or in Timbuktu. However, by allowing groups to brainstorm anonymously from their computers rather than in person another interesting scenario crops up. The online chat room allows all your collective brainstorming to take place safely and securely in the room with no names attached to proposals or comments. This is a technique used by some of many Fortune 500 companies to ...  More

Monsoon Brainstorming Tool Dec 18th 2011

Education collaboration for students and teachers alike

Accuteach is the beginning of a new way of schooling developed by real classroom teachers from Atlanta, Georgia. It's an education and teaching app that is aimed at bringing teachers, students and parents into a much more collaborative environment than conventional teaching. Accuteach lets you upload and share lessons, blog, chat, create a calendar of events, share videos and connect with your whole school community.  More

Accuteach Dec 9th 2011

"The dog ate my homework" just won't wash with Schoolrack

My word how school life has changed! At the risk of giving my age away I was at school in the days before even photocopiers were a widespread part of a teacher’s kit. I can still remember the smell of the duplicating ink on the History hand-outs.  As for the excuses about why a particularly nasty piece of homework was missing well, leaving it on the bus was about as original as I got. It follows then that a site like Schoolrack would have seemed as far away as a manned expedition to Mars but educational software has now got one over the guys at NASA.  More

SchoolRack Dec 9th 2011

Chat and collaboration for teams, companies and communities

Well they couldnt really call this chat and collaborate tool just a room, could they? A hall is much bigger than a room. And Hall is a fair bit more than just a chat room. Hall is the perfect place for teams, companies and communities to chat and collaborate in the same space making it easier to pass on information whilst working on projects.  Hall is an unusual thing. You don't see many chat and collaborative apps that work in total unison.  More

Hall Dec 1st 2011

Collaboration for news with rich media content

It is a fundamental human trait to need to ask questions and get responses. In the old days when we tended to live in smaller communities this was possible with face-to-face communication. However, as society has grown it has become impractical for one person to communicate their thoughts and news with everyone on a daily basis. Then newspapers and printed media entered the scene offering content and insight to a broader crowd. Then came the digital age and then came CivicBoom. It's a news app that connects the people that have news content with the people that need it.  More

Civicboom Dec 1st 2011

Brainstorming, crowdsourcing, cash prizes

Sometimes you are too close to a problem to see a way to solve it. That's the point when you really do need your friends to act as a sounding board. You'd think they would be able to come up with an answer, wouldn't you. Well how about if you had hundreds of friends to act as that sounding board? CrowdStormer is a crowdsourcing app that pitches your question to the crowd and receive ideas and responses on how to improve, enhance or solve your problem.  More

Crowdstormer Nov 28th 2011

Stop wasting your time in meetings!

Business meetings can often be a complete waste of time and believe me I’ve been to enough of them to know that’s very true. In fact I’ve been to meetings that have had nothing to do with business and they can be a total waste of time too.The reason for this in most cases stems from a lack of proper preparation. This lack of preparation usually means that action points are never recorded, minutes are not circulated and any follow-up plans that were actually discussed are completely forgotten about.Agreedo can help get you get organized so that all aspects of a ...  More

agreedo Nov 26th 2011

Global Music Collaboration

WooHoo! What a brilliant concept we have here. Veenue could almost be considered a new art form. This music and video contest app is a platform that let's you create music in collaboration with musicians from the world over. When you have completed your multi instrumental masterpiece you can play them all together to make one piece of multiscreen mayhem. not only do you have an original song but you've also captured a unique film clip to go with it.  More

Veenue Nov 21st 2011

Improvement and innovation ideas from the people

It’s interesting to ponder on what the motivation was behind building this site. I’m quite cynical so have my opinion but I’ll leave it to readers to form their own.   More

What’s it all about you may ask, and so did I so let’s consider the functions. First of all it’s free so users aren’t funding it. Secondly it’s very easy to navigate. Good so far eh?  More

IdeasWalk Dec 6th 2010

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