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Online collaborative film community

Wreck A Movie is like a big community where all the elements of the movie-making experience can come together to make the business of filmmaking a simpler and less complicated one. Here is a movie collaboration tool that manages to blend the Internet community with the film industry.     Wreck A Movie is a movie collaboration tool that specializes in blending the Internet and the film industry together by unleashing the creative potential of Internet communities and changing the whole chain of filmmaking.  It unleashes the creative potential of Internet communities and ...  More

Wreck A Movie Nov 30th 2008

Unlimited Private Git Repository Hosting

Repodrop is somewhere that developers and designers can host their private Git repositories in a safe and secure place whilst only paying for the storage space they use. For one very low price they can host as many repositories as they  like and share them with as many collaborators as they wish. Repodrop is a storage and collaboration tool that's a cost effective way to host all the repositories needed.     RepoDrop offers developers and designers everywhere a simple, secure and affordable service to host their Git repositories remotely. Repodrop is an east to use ...  More

repodrop Sep 19th 2011

Your social information network

It was never going to take long before the world woke up to the fact that a “Facebook” like application could actually have some real uses other than announcing parties, displaying pictures of new kittens and all the other dross that gets posted hourly.  More

Using similar features but as a work based communications tool is certainly one useful way of harnessing the power of this technology and is one of a number of similar apps that looks to have got it well covered.  More

YoolinkPro Jan 7th 2009

The private social network for your company

If you have one of those offices where collaboration generally means pinging a load of emails around and having files saved all over the place then Canopy could be for you.   More

Billed as like having personal copies of Facebook or Twitter for your business it certainly has the functions to centralize discussions between teams plus you can store documents where everyone who needs access can easily get to them.   More

Canopy Jun 13th 2011

Client service, simplified

Any app that helps introduce some organization to a business’s processes has to be a good thing and when it relates to customer service then all the better.   More can tidy up that often overlooked area that has for many years relied on notepads and a fair bit of luck in respect of whether the note can actually be found at the end of the day. With a good level of collaboration attached to it and the ability to access the system on the move, customer requests and queries need never be forgotten about again and better still be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.   More

VentureBox Assist Jul 18th 2011

Cobalt Project Manager

If you’re looking for an enterprise quality project management system but not at the prices that usually come with it then Cobalt has all of the functions you probably need.  With it a small team of up to 3 users can manage an unlimited number of projects for $49 a month.  More

CobaltPM Sep 10th 2011

Collaborate on visuals

If you run a business that uses a lot of visuals then you probably waste a lot of time in meetings with the rest of the project team discussing and editing photographs and graphics. Either that or emails are pinged around the office on an individual project basis as a file of visual material is passed around.  More

The Commentor Mar 17th 2010

Communicate. Collaborate. Do more.

It would be nice if you could take your office wherever you went and were able to interact, communicate and collaborate wherever you could get Internet access, wouldn't it? CompanyConcert is a project management collaboration tool for teams of all sizes that will work for you whether you are in the office, at home or even commuting.     CompanyConcert is a one stop virtual office for web-based communication and collaboration for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re in the office, at home or commuting, CompanyConcert is available wherever you have internet access. It ...  More

CompanyConcert Jun 21st 2010

Simple Web Based Project Management

Okay, hands up who knows what a gantt is? If you dont know then the chances are you won't need this excellent project collaboration tool. If you do know what a gantt is read on because TeamGantt is one of the easiest ways to create a schedule for your project, track your progress and invite others to collaborate with you.   For the uninitiated, a gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. TeamGantt is a seriously collaborative online tool that makes project management easy. It helps you create beautiful gantt charts  as well as enabling you to invite ...  More

TeamGantt Sep 26th 2011

Sharing Made Easy

Don’t let ShareZen’s short description above fool you into thinking that this site is all about sharing the odd meal out with friends or splitting the cost of a group holiday. On no, this is all about the sharing of big ticket assets and overcoming the hassle attached to that if serious organization is lacking.   More

ShareZen Jun 28th 2010