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From A to profit

Anyone will tell you that if you want your business idea to be taken seriously then you’ll need a professional looking business plan. That’s great advice but where do you go to actually get the thing written without incurring the costs of an accountant or consultant?  More might provide the answer with its free online tool designed to get your business plan not only looking great but actually containing factual and meaningful information, even down to the scary numbers!  More

Plan2biz Apr 14th 2011

Collabor8 Online is a web-based software for Online Project Management, Task Management and Documen

Collabor8Online is a very clever cloud-based online project management collaboration tool. It enables you to share your desktop project with colleagues and clients without them seeing any other projects you may be working on. Collabor8online allows you to  create a “workspace” or “online folder” for any project, event, client or team and invite colleagues, contacts or clients to join. Anyone you invite from another organisation doesn’t need to “have” Collabor8 online; you’re effectively inviting them to “your” Collabor8 ...  More

Collabor8Online Sep 15th 2011

The next generation social commerce platform?

Any crowd funding site that promotes new and innovative ideas has to be a good thing and the guys behind this seem to have done a thorough job with a good looking site and well explained functions. Designers who have great ideas but find it a struggle to get the backing from manufacturers can upload their design in a number of formats (even on a napkin apparently) for consideration by thecreator.ME team who then get on with the serious work of getting it made. Obviously before that can happen it needs funding and before that it needs a price. To arrive at a figure the site ...  More

TheCreator.ME Jul 18th 2011

Connect with web savvy people and work better on the web.

There’s not a whole heap of stuff to review about this site but that’s not to say it isn’t a useful addition to the gang of web developer dating agencies putting likeminded techno kids together.   More

It’s free to use so we’re off to a great start. Anyone struggling with a start-up can post a request to the site for anything from a developer or programmer to marketing guys and potential investors. If it’s just advice you want then you can request that too.   More

eBackers Jan 17th 2011

Create beautiful and effective price quotes for free

Quotebase is a simple free online way to create, archive and send professional looking quotes to customers.   More

By signing in users have access to a suite of functions that can initiate a quote and can also add a list of collaborators who can work alongside and speed up the process by spreading the workload or work remotely.   More

QuoteBase (by Future Simple) Nov 14th 2010

Organize conferences with ease!

When you are organizing a web conference you need experienced people to guide you through the process with the minimum of fuss and the maximum amount of exposure. frabulous is a web-based conference planning and management solution project management tool put together by David Roetzel the creator of open source software frab. He's also the principal organizer of the huge FrOSCon conferences so he knows web cons like the back of his mousepad.   frabulous is a 100% hosted SaaS (Software As A Service) solution for all your conference planning and management needs. It helps you to keep ...  More

frabulous Sep 2nd 2011

Ridiculously easy and free online accounting for small businesses

If your small business is no longer small enough to cope with the scraps of paper you just chuck in the in-tray and forget about then could be just the place for you. Your accountant will smile again too and not dive for cover as you present him with a sack full of receipts, invoices and bank statements.   More

Wave Accounting Apr 8th 2011

Collaborate with Clients, Leads, and Employees. Track Expenses, Projects, and Time.

Perhaps the name of this app should have the prefix “huge” attached to it as that’s what immediately springs to mind at first glance. A vast number of functions covering almost everything you’ll ever need to run your business from anywhere in the world although I couldn’t find anywhere where it said it makes the coffee.   More

Web Suite Pro Jun 22nd 2010

Real-time thinking. For groups.

If you have worked on a collaborative document with someone in another country or workspace you'll know all about how frustrating it is sending emails back and forth. ThinkFold goes some way to addressing those problems. This collaborative thinking tool puts an end to back and forth emailing, multiple document versions, unstructured wiki pages and confusing planning tools with this simple, easy to use structured thinking tool.  More

ThinkFold Sep 6th 2011

Group Collaboration Solutions

If you are looking for a management app for business that tackles all the obvious organizational projects as well as having full integration with Google Docs and Evernote than it would be hard to go past Peletonics. You wouldn't be alone as their services are also used by huge companies like Warner Bros, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Jeld-Wen and MIT to name just a few.  More

Peletonics Sep 9th 2011