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A community to help your crowdfunding campaign that fits nicely between concept and Kickstarter

We all love creative types, don't we? Their minds work in such a way that they can pluck an idea out of the sky and change our lives a little bit with their innovative gadgets and inventions. Many of these people are paid well and have teams to collaborate and expand their original concept. There are, however a growing band of budding entrepreneurs - who are getting younger and younger, I might add - that don't have the vast resources to develop this great lightbulb moment that they want to develop. Where do they find other like-minded individuals with the skills to assist you in taking ...  More

Ventrifuge Dec 6th 2014

Create free rich media for your blog or website

Easy WebContent Presenter was developed by the web building app Easy WebContent and it was designed as a cloud-based HTML5 animation tool that puts the user in complete control of creating web and mobile friendly interactive content for your website. The Presenter makes it easy to create animations, interactive presentations and resumes, infographics and banners and can be integrated through all your favorite social networks, digital documents, websites and blogs. The aim is to simplify and have complete control over the way we communicate with an audience by creating animations and ...  More

Easy WebContent Presenter Aug 13th 2012

Start up a PR campaign for your startup

There is a temptation to think that once you've developed your startup that most of the work is done. Sadly, of course, that's not true if you want to get the best out of all your earlier hard work. AwareLab was designed by startup professionals and guides you through a check list of PR and marketing tasks to launch your campaign to take your pet project to its prelaunch at optimum level.   AwareLabs is a PR task list assembled to help guide startups through the initial phases of launching a campaign. Most startups don't know how to make the transition from development to PR and ...  More

AwareLabs Feb 5th 2012

The mobile box office that fits in your pocket.

If it's The Eagles you are selling tickets for then you're not going to have this problem. You will probably have sold the gig out anyway but even if you haven't, your huge box office will have all windows open and ready for sales whether it's cash, check or credit card. However, if you are a small time promoter and you still want those ticket sales you're going to have a way of taking credit cards. Do you want to go through all the rigmarole of setting up a full credit card office or do you want an easier way of doing it? On Site is a mobile box office that accepts credit card payments ...  More

On Siteā„¢ Aug 26th 2011

The Whaam Showcase Widget

If you're a musician who posts stuff online, you'll know that you have to post things multiple ...  More

blog music prelaunch

Jul 4th 2013


BadgerCub is the coolest way to earn badges for your code on Github. You can also compare ...  More

design internet prelaunch

Oct 10th 2012

SplinterMe | Express Yourself

SplinterMe is an innovative platform that allows you to express yourself and connect with ...  More

social tools business

Oct 6th 2011

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