Presentation apps

Label 59

Label 59 is an online browser based application that lets you label anything interactively. ...  More

business interactive marketing

Jul 23rd 2012


Man, PowerPoint sucks. At Presentista, we've always felt that PowerPoint is obsolete and, ...  More

presentation business

Jun 29th 2012


MagPointer is an innovative software that makes presentations more effective and ...  More

presentation webinar

Jun 25th 2012


9SLIDES is cloud based presentation platform, which allows users to Create, Deliver & Measure ...  More

business cloud presentation

Apr 6th 2012

Present Now

Present Now lets speakers make new connections at their presentations. It does by collecting ...  More


Jan 2nd 2012


Curator is a fast way to create great minimalist presentations for your designs. ...  More

presentation pdf tools

Jan 7th 2011

One Touch Webinars™

Entrepreneurs who want to be considered authorities in their niche now have a new and ...  More

business video ecommerce

Jan 6th 2011


KooBits presents a radical ‘new’ way to enjoy your ebooks. You can import your ebooks of ...  More

book photo presentation

Dec 28th 2010

Jazz Presentation

Jazz Presentation helps your create better powerpoint presentations using Icons, Graphics and ...  More

presentation tools

Nov 2nd 2010


Why be ordinary when you can be awesome? Microsoft® PowerPoint® has always offered its own ...  More

presentation tools

Oct 28th 2010

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