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Walnut Secure Email

We have developed awesome App Called Walnut Secure Email is P2P, person to person or end to ...  More

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Mask is an app dedicated to protect your smartphone privacy by hiding or encrypting ...  More

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Private Browser

Private Browser is based on exclusive Simplex Solutions technology, and uses a number of ...  More

ios web privacy

Secret Delivery - Private Texting and Secure File Sharing

Feel confident sending sensitive photos, messages or documents? SECRET DELIVERY is perfect to ...  More

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Share photos and thoughts with a private group of friends and interact with them either by ...  More

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DSTRUX enables you to control the stuff you share on the web, by allowing you to set ...  More

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Relax while giving your phone in other hands and enjoy the fact that no one will ever be able ...  More

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Privacy Security Agent

This application is for protecting and hiding user data through encryption. Following items ...  More

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Photo Scrambler

Photo Scrambler protects your photos from unwanted usage and distribution. Protect your photos ...  More

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TheGoodData helps you browse the web anonymously by blocking thousands of trackers that watch ...  More

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