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Remembering useful web pages can be time consuming. Imagine a browser that remembers everything ...  More

organize notes information

Aug 26th 2015

Let's Shop - Grocery shopping list is just a swipe away!

Managing and remembering your grocery shopping is easier than ever before with Let's Shop - the ...  More

food listings marketing

Aug 5th 2015

DNotes Educational Guide

Let us educate, so you can innovate. Save time and effort with this easy to use guide on ...  More

education information investment

Jul 22nd 2015


Slemma is a collaborative, data analytics platform designed for small to medium-sized ...  More

business data analytics

May 20th 2015

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is the world’s first smartphone keyboard to offer advanced writing ...  More

android product tools

May 14th 2015

Pocket Interest Rate

This free app is a collection of 6 powerful tools which calculate everything involving ...  More

information money android

May 2nd 2015


It is designed as a preparation tool for job aspirants and those waiting to crack bank and other ...  More

academic software banking career

May 1st 2015

Nabakalebara of Puri Jagannath

Jai Jagannath !!! Do anyone knows about nabakalebara? Nabakalebara is counted as one of the best ...  More

information android news

Apr 30th 2015


The SIMPLE way to market research. At FocusGrooper, we wanted to bring some real value to the ...  More

advertising analytics b2b

Apr 29th 2015


theBillingBridge is an app for the physician's phone, as well as the office manager, or ...  More

health information technology

Apr 23rd 2015

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