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Free cloud-based collaboration for small teams

I could make a bad New Zealand joke here and say that Tinder is how Kiwis like their meat and their women ... but I won't. Tinder is, in fact a rather useful cloud-based document management application that specializes in encouraging its collaborative side. Tinder is a great set of collaborative tools that are designed to bring colleagues and customers together,  wherever they are and whenever they want, to keep everyone in the know. And what's more, it's free for small businesses with teams of 5 or less people.   Tinder is a next generation social collaboration platform for your ...  More

Tinder Aug 26th 2012

Let your time tracking and project management become a Breeze

One of the things that always seems to go wrong in business where projects are billed on a time basis is in the billing. I'm sure we've all seen the problems that certain law firms have had when questioned by customers over time tracking issues. The problem doesn't lie with technology however but with staff. So how can you get your staff members organized and working on specific projects and billing their time correctly? Well, the answer could lie with a productivity and time tracking app like this one. Breeze is a revolutionary new app built on the Kanban method that allows you to ...  More

Breeze app Aug 20th 2012

A student organizer for your academic, social and personal life

Do you remember those organizers that you always used to HAVE to have before the new academic year began to plan out proceedings. It had great little personalized sections with pockets for all sorts of things and came enclosed in a very cool leather-looking pouch. Student T.A. Is the modern day equivalent to the old organizer. It's essential that you have one and it's the perfect gift for the students amongst us for balancing your academic, social and personal lives. Student T.A. is up there with the best personal organizers on the app market and it's absolutely free.   The life of a ...  More

Student T.A Jul 16th 2012

Turn your iOS pasteboard into a smorgasboard

Now this is a very useful addition to the iOS device arsenal that I can see being used a lot. Clipswap is an application that totally expands the copy and paste functionality for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone by letting you keep multiple items on your pasteboard and quickly switch between one and the other as you need them. This free app lets you keep many images on the board in slots and simply tapping them to move from one to the other.   ClipSwap is a utility for expanding the copy and paste functionality of your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). With ClipSwap you can keep ...  More

Clipswap Jul 13th 2012

Time tracking for the creative kind

One of the most difficult things for the modern day freelancer is determining an accurate quote for the services they provide. On the one hand you don't want to quote too high because you might miss out on the contract but then, if you quote too low, you may end up underselling your services and working hours that you don't get recompensed for. Estimates is a well organized and handsome-looking time tracking and billing application for iOS that will help you put together concise and accurate quotes to ensure you are delivering a fair estimation of your worth as well as winning the ...  More

Estimates Jul 9th 2012

Manage your contacts, calendars and communication easily

Take a look at your desk! It's a bit of a mess isn't it? It's lucky that you know whats going on because there are bits of paper all over the place that only you know what to do with. Your computer is a bit like that too, i bet. All of us try to organize our work life neatly and efficiently but you will find your contacts in one place and your correspondence somewhere else. But it doesn't have to be like that. VIPorbit is an easy way to manage your contacts and communications for iOS  that links everything together to seamlessly make your customer relations work run even more ...  More

VIPorbit Jul 3rd 2012

A complete set of management tools for your online small business

Knowing that there are many of our FeedMyApp readers that are considering starting up their own online small business in the near future we thought it was time to look at a really good comprehensive project management app that will handle all your business needs. In the past we have featured reviews on great business management apps like Doolphy, Apptivo, WORKetc and Solo and MYCO Suite is right up there with the best of them. It's a very professional complete set of management tools that offers time customer relations management, project and document management, billing, time tracking and ...  More

MYCO Suite Jun 27th 2012

Land measurement when a tape measure just isnt long enough or accurate enough

Measure Your Land is a mapping and measurement app that would work equally well for the casual amateur as it would for the busy professional. MYL relies on a satellite map to measure distances and areas of land whether it be a long road or a very short path and delivers the results right onto your iOS or iDevice. There is a free version that gives you fully functioning measuring capability or a paid version for business or heavy users that gives you unlimited access to all functions.   Measure Your Land (or MYL, as we are going to call it) is a freemium app available on iPhone and ...  More

Measure Your Land Jun 1st 2012

An iPhone memo pad you'll never forget

How's your memory? Look, it's not easy to remember all the things we humans have to keep locked away these days. It's no wonder we forget the odd thing. That's where OnQ can come in handy at home or in the workplace as a productivity application for iPhone where you can create a memo, attach a reminder to it and send it to your phone (or multiple contacts if you feel like it) to trigger a response when you need it.   One problem with memos is that they are easily forgotten. Not anymore! OnQ is a free iPhone application that lets you create a memo, attach a reminder to it and send it ...  More

OnQ Mar 12th 2012

A personal idea generator for iPhone

Some people are genuinely great ideas people - Steve Jobs is the obvious name that comes to mind. For the rest of us we might just need a bit of help. Idea Generation Assistant is a productivity application for iPhone that aids the creative process by reorganizing your ideas into visualizations to better structure the idea process. It's intuitive and workmanlike nature can leave you more time to develop and conjure up more conceptual masterpieces and desires for the future.   Idea Generation Assistant is a fast and free organization tool for iPhone that helps spark new ideas by ...  More

Ideas - Idea Generation Assistant Mar 11th 2012

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