Productivity apps

Project management that sees the big picture

The thing that makes 100efforts different from so many other productivity and project management tools is it's ability to give you a look at the big picture. It's speciality is dealing with requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation and it's object is to make them easier to deal with and simpler to analyze and act on.  This suite of collaborative tools excels in comparing your estimated work load with expert estimation and what happens in the real world.   100efforts makes working together on requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation easier. It helps you to ...  More

100efforts Mar 9th 2012

Time tracking with a 98% customer satisfaction rating

Boy, have we reviewed a lot of time tracking applications of late. DeskTime, CaseFox and Smart Employee Scheduling come to mind as some of the best of recent times. So what does TSheets have to offer? Well, whatever it is, it boasts a 98% customer approval rating and has been rated as the number one user friendly time tracking app by it's customers. It's main claim to fame is a clean and simple-to-use, very accurate, mobile friendly as well as flexible suite of tools that takes care of all aspects of the time sheeting and billing process. It's built with technology designed to work ...  More

TSheets Mar 8th 2012

A simple expenses management tool that you will actually use

We have reviewed many expense and money tracking apps in the last few weeks -  Budget With Back In Black, My Weekly Budget and In-Ex Finance to name just three - it must be a sign of the times. The fact is, with over 80% of Americans stressed about their personal finances, it's probably time that you took matters into your own hands and organized your finances a little better. Spentable is a very fast and efficient expense tracker that you will more than likely use. It's a simple and user-friendly iPhone and Android app that will help you budget your money just a little bit better. ...  More

Spentable Mar 4th 2012

Organize your to-do list and get things done

kanban2go, in initials-speak, is a task management application that organizes your TD list and helps you to GTD! Roughly translated that means that it manages your To-Do list and enables you to GetThings Done!  This free productivity tool can be used on any device to effortlessly organize, prioritize and manage your work in a small team environment and just generally make your professional or personal life less complicated enabling you to achieve stuff.   kanban2go is a visual online task management software. It lets you simplify managing your To Do lists effortlessly from any ...  More

kanban2go Feb 24th 2012

Where vocal talent meets casting agent.

Attention all you actors (and waiting staff, of course) and casting agents out there - this one is for you. is a unique jobs and employment application for iPhone which presents a chance for voice talent to connect with casting agents and deliver audio and video representations of their work and vocal capabilities. Equally, it's a place for casting agents to listen to audio samples from all over the world to find exactly the right person for the job they have in mind. has designed an app to cater for both those hiring talent and voice talent who are promoting ...  More Feb 24th 2012

From little ideas, big ideas grow

"From little things big things grow" is how the song goes and Idea Hive is one of those productivity applications for your iPhone that goes some way to help you turn your imaginative ideas and helps you take them to a creative conclusion. It provides a great place to note down ideas before they slip from our grasp and add pictures and voice recordings to spur and develop your concept on to bigger things.   Idea Hive is your first step towards creative success. Now you have the tools at hand to help you create and invent whatever your imagination comes up with. This simple to use App ...  More

IDEA HIVE Feb 14th 2012

The fast way to get things done

Are you one of those people who relies on your memory to remember stuff or are your pockets full of bits of paper with things written all over them? The GTD in GTDfaster is short for Getting Things Done and this productivity tool is the full free version of the popular organization iPhone application. It encourages you to note your thoughts onto your iphone rather than try to remember everything or fill your pockets with bits of paper   This is the free full version of the popular iPhone productivity and to-do-list tool - the only difference being that this version is ad supported. It ...  More

GTDfaster FREE Feb 11th 2012

Simplify and streamline your meetings

While meetings are meant to be the lifeblood of the business they are quite often wasted opportunities. Leads are not followed up on, they can be disorganized and there has to be an awful lot of note taking. MeetingKing is a project management, productivity and collaboration application that manages to simplify all these elements allowing you to concentrate on the things that are really important. Putting everyone in the know and brainstorming to move your business in the right direction - forwards.   MeetingKing is a new web-based meeting workflow and information tool to help keep ...  More

MeetingKing Jan 28th 2012

A reminder tool you will use every day

We rely on our memory so much, don't we? But between our work life and our leisure time there are just so many things to remember yet we admonish ourselves when we forget a birthday or forget to pay a bill on time and incur a penalty fee. So why put yourself through it when there are productivity tools like ReminderGuru available to remember for you. But this one doesn't just remember - it will send you an email or an SMS to remind you to buy that present for your Auntie Doris or pay that Amex bill on time.   Reminders are a necessity solution to successfully navigating today's ...  More

ReminderGuru Jan 23rd 2012

An iOS productivity app that you will actually use

Doozy is an iOS productivity application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that has just been seriously updated to include more features. It's basic function is to transform your tasks into neat looking interactive icons that show you all the things you need to do in your day-to-day life to make a busy life more manageable and controllable. Think of it as a mobile online version of a chalkboard or whiteboard where you can see all your tasks neatly laid out ready for you to act.   Doozy, which is a play on the words 'do' and 'see,' recently received a major update to version 2.0. This ...  More

Doozy Jan 22nd 2012