Productivity apps

Reminder tool for home or work

Let's not fool ourselves here - we all forget things from time to time. Dont worry, it's not necessarily the onset of Alzheimer's. The fact is, we fill up our lives with so much information that it would be virtually impossible to remember everything. If you watch sporting coaches you will notice that they always have a notepad or a clipboard in their hand because even the smallest piece of information could be vital. Well, I'm not suggesting you rush out and buy a clipboard but there is a more modern way to keep up with the multitude of information coming your way. Remindeo is a free ...  More

Remindeo Jan 12th 2012

Attain your goals with better resolutions

Now here is a timely app for the beginning of a new year. Ideal Me Lite is a free productivity and self-help app for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you lay down some positive affirmations of resolutions you would like to keep  over the coming year. By laying out your goals and specifying your potential achievements IdealMe helps to keep them in your head and helps you to become the person that you always wanted to be.  More

Ideal Me Lite Jan 3rd 2012

Positive affirmations with random nudges

The are times during the day when you might need a little reminder as to something you need to remember or get done. When you are at home it's not so bad as you can be certain that your partner or mother will chime in at regular intervals as to whether you have done this or that yet. Mind Jogger is that little reminder that can give you positive affirmations by sending random nudges during the day. It might be to remember to take a medication or just to sit up straight at work to prevent your bad back flaring up again.   Mind Jogger helps you build new, positive habits in your life no ...  More

Mind Jogger Jan 3rd 2012

A new type of bookmarking

Bookmarking can be the bane of our existence. No matter how much we like to keep them organized they always seem to be in a mess. Maybe it is the way we bookmark them? MindiT is a free productivity app that heralds a new method of bookmarking based on the mind mapping style where you can group like minded bookmarks in a graphical representation to make finding them more convenient and research easier.   The MindiT Bookmarking Tool delivers easily accessible bookmarking and an online bookmarking manager with a twist. It's a free online utility to gather and manage snippets of ...  More

MindiT Dec 18th 2011

Automated express login for all sites

Without doubt the most tiresome thing about joining up to sites on the Internet is the form filling. Filling in pretty well the same information each time you go to a site isn't necessary now, though. Dashlane  works as your personal net assistant and offers a number of security tools to make your Internet experience a productive and safe one. No longer will you have to log in to individual websites or even remember passwords. Dashlane fasttracks you inside via a trusted and secure express log in that will give you immediate access to all of them.  More

Dashlane Dec 15th 2011

It's like having a personal assistant in your email

If your email inbox is anything like mine is it will be half organized. I mean to have everything compartmentalized and neat and prioritized but, unfortunately, I often run out of time and it never gets finished. What I really need is a personal assistant to sort everything out. And that is where Contactually comes in very handy. This customer relations management (crm) tool for your email increases your productivity by prioritizing your contacts and prompting you to automatically reconnect with your most important contacts at the right time   Contactually is about bringing business ...  More

Contactually Dec 15th 2011

Personal reminder for friends

Despite Bubble appearing to be a very simplistic productivity tool for your Android it actually is very clever and extremely useful piece of work.You know when you speak to someone and need to jot down some notes? Well when a contact calls you can make notes on the incoming screen and they will pop up when you next speak to them to remind you of all the things that need some discussion. See, now you are intrigued aren't you? I told you it was useful.  More

Bubble Dec 15th 2011

Cheaper than a PA - and it won't expect a Christmas present!

If you can’t afford that PA to pop your day’s agenda on your desk every morning then this could be a cheaper option. You won’t have to buy birthday and Christmas presents for it either! ContactMe looks simple enough but it will do a thorough job in getting your busy schedule organized. Once that’s sorted it can then move on and make you so much more contactable by people who just might want to spend money.  More

ContactMe Dec 7th 2011

Schedule a shift for your staff – and then make sure they do it!

Poor employees, gone are the days when you could finish a shift and forget about the boss until the next one. Once upon a time you could even ignore the ringing of the telephone just in case it was him with a desperate invitation to do some more hours. I’m being a little unfair perhaps. Although Enigmai does give business owners a greater chance of success at contacting employees out of hours that’s not all it can do. As a scheduler it not only manages shifts but can monitor attendance as well as acting as a useful employee management system.  More

Enigmai - Employee scheduling and management Dec 7th 2011

Time tracking and productivity

If you've ever been in a situation at work where you have been the paymaster you will know what a time consuming and thankless task it can be. Having to chase up whether Charlie worked last Friday night and figuring out if Rose really was half an hour late this morning. You never get plaudits for paying the correct amount of wages each week but you'll sure as hell hear about it if you haven't paid them enough. DeskTime is a free real-time time tracking and productivity app that will give precise and automated times on when and when not your staff worked.  More Dec 3rd 2011