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Self publish your stories or books with step by step guides

Do you fancy yourself as the next Chuck Palahniuk or Stephen King? Or maybe you've been inspired by the exploits of E.L.James and her Fifty Shades Of Grey and want to get in on the action. Whether you are a new writer ready to pass on your words of wisdom or a long time scribe looking to spread your wings with the new technology, Foboko provides many of the services to help your dream come true. However, there is more to this e-book publishing application than just its ability to become a conduit to self-publishing your material as it also delivers a writing community to guide, advise and ...  More

Foboko Jul 21st 2012

Social sharing with revenue opportunities

I always wondered how publishers reclaimed monetary compensation when content on their site is copied. Up until now the answer to that has been "with great difficulty and an awful lot of trust." However, with the introduction of this social sharing and analytical site, there is now an opportunity for publishers to track when their content is copied and also provides a tool that includes a link back to your site when it is pasted. is a win for both the publisher and their audience.  Unlike alternatives like ShareThis and AddThis, is the only social sharing platform ...  More Dec 23rd 2011

The easy way for budding authors to publish their work online

It used to be the case that the poor beleaguered novelist out there had to jump through the odd hoop and find a publisher in order to release their masterwork. Not only would it mean another roadblock on the path to glory but it would also mean a percentage of the takings being sliced off. However, the plethora of 'publish your own book' sites that have cropped up over the last few years has begun to change the way it works. Pandamian is a writing and book tool that acts as your publisher by covering all the techical and background stuff leaving the author free to concentrate on the ...  More

Pandamian Nov 28th 2011

Labinator WordPress Marketplace

Overview: The Labinator WordPress Marketplace offers everything you need to build your dream ...  More

software tools wordpress

Jul 5th 2019


Wezen has been developed with the ambition of designing the house of linguistic production. A ...  More

cat landing page builder cat tools

Nov 9th 2018


Taleship is an application that allows people to write collaboratively, taking turns, like a ...  More

creativity social publishing

Jun 25th 2017


Desygner offers a mobile and web design solution, allowing for a simpler and cheaper alternative ...  More

advertising android beta

Feb 15th 2016


FirstLook is the ultimate, real-time, celeb photo feed on steroids. Founded by digital ...  More

entertainment media photo

Dec 8th 2015


With detli you can create and publish your deets to a webpage in minutes. This is ideal for ...  More

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Dec 4th 2015


Quickpage is a service to help you quickly build a web page and get information live as soon as ...  More

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Sep 12th 2015

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