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TechMafia.Net – we help side projects, mobile apps, startups, code snippet and mobile games to ...  More

publishing mobile apps advertising

Aug 6th 2015


You cannot lose… but to win properly… you have to prove your strategic sense! ...  More

android fun game

Apr 14th 2015


Mobiloud is a SaaS solution designed to convert your WordPress site into a native mobile app ...  More

blog blogger content

Mar 12th 2015


Vuga is an online music discovery and recommendation service that allows user's to listen to ...  More

blogger music publishing

Mar 4th 2015


Nudge is an advanced analytics platform for content marketing. Current analytics platforms ...  More

advertising marketing publishing

Feb 6th 2015


Socialshade is an online question and answer platform about questions which we all care but ...  More

publishing questions quiz

Jan 22nd 2015

Neon Nettle

Independent media is growing! In fact, its growing so quickly more and more young people are ...  More

media news online

Jan 21st 2015

Plus: a math game

Are you so good with numbers as well as your friend say? Show your skills, play Plus and ...  More

publishing ios ipod touch

Nov 27th 2014


Criticl operates as a democratic and social newsroom. Both the prevalence of certain stories and ...  More

create crowdsourcing interactive

Sep 25th 2014


Sprites is a web-based application that allows you to create animated, visual, data-driven ...  More

publishing social animation

Aug 21st 2014

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