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A web based platform providing a package of academic textbooks, past exam papers, theses and ...  More

education publishing

Jan 13th 2013


Papyrus is a simple online editor to create ebooks.You can edit the cover using a simple drag ...  More

ebook publishing editor

Dec 26th 2012

Barbar Yaman

A brain challanging riddle Barbar Yaman. The most entertaining riddle and so easy to play. Find ...  More

brainstorming publishing game

Dec 25th 2012


DealSOCL “Read As Deal Social” is a Singapore based technology start up launched a year ago. ...  More

media publishing

Dec 18th 2012

Wizness Publisher

The Wizness Publisher helps you create an interactive Sustainability Report and share it with ...  More

web environment business

Dec 4th 2012


Sozialpapier exists to help people engage around their interests, get updated news from fellows, ...  More

blog publishing social

Oct 19th 2012


Taggstar lets publishers add layers of content to their online images, making them interactive ...  More

blog images publishing

Sep 27th 2012


PersonSpot simplifies online social magazine publication and allows for personal brand ...  More

publishing social advertising

Aug 24th 2012


Soicos is the first affiliate network in Argentina born as a venture of AdVerit, Digital ...  More

advertising publishing

Aug 20th 2012

Foboko is unique from other self-publishing websites; authors have access to a community of ...  More

community ebook publishing

Jul 19th 2012

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