Puzzle apps


The new exciting game suggests using your logic to win the robot! Are you clever enough to ...  More

sudoku game madjong

Jul 14th 2016


scAIRed is a wonderful iPhone puzzle game with living balloons. They are lost, scared and need ...  More

ios puzzle game

Apr 4th 2016

Boom Ball Egyptian crisis 3D puzzle match 3

Boom Ball is a classic puzzle in the popular match three genre. However, in contrast to boring ...  More

android game puzzle

Mar 21st 2016

Word Next - Picture Quiz

2 Pics - 1 Word. An unique way of playing a word puzzle game. 2 pictures that will yield one ...  More

brainstorming puzzle trivia

Mar 10th 2016

Sea Pong - Splash Table Tennis Game on Ocean

Sea Pong is a table tennis game which play on the sea. It's really easy to play, you need to ...  More

adventure best creative

Feb 28th 2016

Reach The End: Logic

Reach The End: Logic One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based game ever made! ...  More

adventure android game

Feb 26th 2016


Cloudwire is a challenging puzzle game designed to be played on Tablets made for all ages from ...  More

android cloud game

Feb 26th 2016


Many people talk about literacy and the importance of education in today’s society. Over the ...  More

education online puzzle

Feb 24th 2016

Evo Explores

• In Evo Explores you should trust your eyes. If something looks real - it is real! If you don't ...  More

architecture art game

Feb 22nd 2016

Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments

Sweet Candy is a free, simple, fun and challenging minimalistic puzzle game, where you have to ...  More

game puzzle android

Feb 21st 2016

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