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Your personal travel map with photos so youll never miss another breathtaking moment on your travels

There are two things that we love more than anything else in the FeedMyApp offices, not counting a decent cup of tea and a piece of chocolate cake, of course. When it comes to apps, there's nothing that pleases us more to review than a decent photo editing app or a travel app. We haven't seen too many new photo editing apps of late but here's a fine little travel app that we are visiting for the third time. We first reviewed UrbanBird close to three years ago when it was a mere fledgling of an app and reviewed the second version this time last year. Now we have the third version to have a ...  More

UrbanBird Sep 11th 2017

Who needs Antiques Roadshow to value your treasured items?

I'm sure that, at some point, we've all watched an episode of Antiques Roadshow and been astonished at the value of some of the items that are brought in for appraisal. We might even have something at home ourselves that looks rather similar. Maybe it's worth a fair bit too. So, how do we find out the true worth of our treasured goods? Well, we could take it to an expert - but that's probably going to cost some serious cash and a lot of trust. We could always check out one of the online apps that are available - but you might well find you'll have to check several of them if you have ...  More

Apprais-All Aug 29th 2017

The place to go for VR and 360 videos

A few months ago, Feed My App ran a review for a new designated social network video app for Android and iOS called Swish Video. The developers claimed that the app was designed for disgruntled video fans who were sick of the clutter that was filling up their social media accounts when all they really wanted to see were the coolest short form videos on the planet. At the time, the app was still in beta mode and we stated that Swish would be an ever-changing entity. Well, the next version is out now and it looks even more impressive.  More

Swish VR Aug 27th 2017

The perfect waiting staff in the palm of your hand

In an ideal world, it would be just perfect if your restaurant waiting staff could tell every single customer about all the discounts and deals that are available as well as the most popular items on the menu as soon as they walk through the door. Your best staff will undoubtedly do that already but, chances are, not all of them will adhere to those principles. So, given that every person and their dog seems to own a smartphone these days, wouldn't it be good to utilize that technology to get the massage across? For diners, it would be a bit like having the perfect waiting staff right ...  More

Forkspot Aug 9th 2017

Become the grand master of knife-flipping

If you were a member of the Boy Scouts as a kid you'll know all about knife throwing. One of the great scouting activities has always been the fine art of throwing sharp things at pieces of wood - whether it be a tomahawk, an axe or a knife. It's described in the Scouts manual as one of the great pastimes and there's even a code of conduct surrounding it so that no one gets hurt. There is a fair amount of skill involved in getting it right. Typically, in this digital age, knife throwing has now been turned into a game. Flippy Knife is a new game for both iOS and Android that is based on ...  More

Flippy Knife Aug 9th 2017

Ask the ouija anything you like

Do you believe in ghosts? Is there an afterlife? Is there a world of spirits that exists in another dimension? Can they be contacted? These are all questions that have been asked since the beginning of time. There are accounts of 'talking boards' or 'fuji' existing in China way back in 1100AD (damn near everything seems to have its origins in China, doesn't it) but the Ouija board - as we know it - probably came to prominence after the American Civil War in the mid to late 19th Century. Mediums back then made significant amounts of money 'helping' mourners get in touch with their departed ...  More

Real Ouija Aug 8th 2017

Recipes for the food that you already have in your fridge

You know what it's like. You come home after a hard day at work and you have to think about cooking up something for dinner. There's not much in the cupboards or the fridge so it could be a toss up between heading to the supermarket or ordering in a takeaway. But hang on, there's some chicken in the fridge and there are a few vegetables left over from the weekend. If only those Masterchef people were around right now with their mystery boxes where they can make a stunning meal from a few ingredients. But, hang on. There's nothing to stop you knocking up something tasty from the ingredients ...  More

Yumami Aug 8th 2017

An easy way to maintain the integrity of your website

Many of us consider that all the hard work is done as soon as we have created our website. You know the score. We have slaved over it for a long time or paid out good money for someone to create our own gateway to the online world and now it's time to start cashing in. However, as we all know, things can go wrong. It could be that your website has been hacked or you've made a simple mistake when updating content...or maybe it's one of those gremlins that creep into our computers overnight. Unless we are diligent and monitor the site closely, it may be weeks or months before we discover the ...  More

FileWizz Aug 3rd 2017

All things astrological in one great app

The art of astrology has long been vilified by both Christians and the sceptics of this world as misleading (and satanic in some instances) but it hasn't stopped a large portion of the world's population checking their horoscope every morning online or in the daily newspaper. The concept of linking the planets to the 12 zodiac signs was originally devised in the Middle East and classical Greece somewhere between the 5th and 1st centuries BC - so it has a lot of history. Despite the skepticism, figures suggest that over 90% of people know their star sign and over half of them believe there ...  More

Horoscope Ace Aug 1st 2017

The easiest way to plan your get together

Coordinating meetings and get togethers used to be so simple. Just pick up the phone and call the relevant parties was the way to go. It was effective but hardly dynamic, though. Then social media sites reared their ugly heads and everything changed. Suddenly we were able to contact people on mass and share everything - including details of the event and the photos that accompanied them. Then the social media sites like Facebook turned into behemoths. Gone was the intimacy and privacy that existed before. These days, people are spread over a number of different social networks and many are ...  More

goHappy Jul 21st 2017