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Email Scanner

This is an very important app for the day to day need of electronic media. With Email Scanner ...  More

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Kid's Creative Activity

Kid’s Creative Activities is an IPad app that has been designed keeping toddlers and ...  More

book child creative


Duolir helps you perfect your language skills with bilingual short stories. Our authors ...  More

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Conan is the Chrome extensions which helps users boost their web reading efficacy by ...  More

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Scilti is a new eBook reader app. Put your favorite books on Quick Desk. Create and share ...  More

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Best News Reader

This wonderful android application will let you dumbstruck with its utmost speed and build ...  More

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Mindreader 2 player

Mindreader is our new android game. It has been released just a few days ago so you can be ...  More

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Capti Narrator

Capti Narrator offers a new approach to consuming digital content: instead of staring at the ...  More

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We’ve just created where we want to try to completely crowd source ...  More

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talk with grumpy cat

talk with grumpy cat Intelligent and smart This chat app can only be installed in devices ...  More

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