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The first rule of Coworfing is to find cool and creative local people

The first thing i have to say about this social geolocalisation and networking application is remember the name because you might be hearing it a lot in the near future. Coworfing is a fascinating concept of an idea that encourages freelance workers and entrepreneurs to physically get together and share their cool workspaces with like minded individuals. But this is not simply an office space sharing situation. Coworfing aims to provide coworking spaces where ideas will flow, you can meet new creative people and get fresh viewpoints on your problems.   Coworfing is a place for ...  More

Coworfing Jul 29th 2012

Put your thank you's to good business use

Didn't your mother always tell you to say thank you? Well, Laudits are plaudits for your professional network. Think of them  as  rounds of applause for your excellent work. Then think of ways to use them to your advantage. is a social recommendation application that gives your fellow workers or professional clients a chance to say a big thank you for a job well done and then lets you takes it one step further to enhance future job prospects. It does this by letting you show off your Laudit awards on the website, LinkedIn profile,  blog, resumé or email ...  More May 18th 2012

Propose a thousand different ways

"Will You Marry Me?" are four simple words that can be the most romantic things we will ever say to our potential spouses. So why do we angst over ways to say them? Because we are humans, I suppose, who want our wedding proposals to be unlike anyone else's and to ensure that those four words will never be forgotten. Some propose way up high in a hot air balloon while others will be at a romantic candlelight dinner in your favorite restaurant. Will You Marry Me? ! Pro is a free social application for iPhone and mobiles in general that gives you thousands of marriage proposal ideas to make ...  More

Will You Marry Me?! Pro Apr 30th 2012

Edit your Facebook feeds to just the good stuff

Despite the fact that your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers' lists just keep growing the chances are that you really only react to the people closest in your group. While having hundreds of friends looks pretty good on paper, it's getting harder and harder to scroll through all the updates and photos which come from everyone from your closest friends to your Auntie Doris - who has just discovered social networking and is sharing her knitting patterns. Le Feed is a Facebook application with an intuitive and intelligent algorithm that sorts out the stuff you want to see from the ...  More

LeFeed - Organizes News Feeds and Recommends New Stuff Apr 27th 2012


When you are in need of a top notch professional like a doctor, a contractor, or a nanny there’s ...  More

android referral word-of-mouth - discover new Music

«» - a great way to discover the world of music in a new player for Apple Music. We ...  More

player new recommendation


Crcl is a recommendation platform at heart, but it goes far beyond just providing reviews. Crcl ...  More

mobile ratings beta

Cinco - Top 5 Places To Eat, Drink and Play

Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social ...  More

social restaurant review


Top250 is a affinity-based recommentation engine for Movies & TV Shows. First you rate Movies ...  More

movie recommendation tv

Tooanime Network

Experience yourselves to watch the best high quality video [HD] of top favourite cartoon and ...  More

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