Recruiting apps


Make your hiring process easier with Jobspage. It's a powerful app that allows you to create a ...  More

recruitment hr tech hr

Feb 15th 2022

4 day week

The place to find remote programming jobs with a better work-life balance. We only list 4 day ...  More

recruiting remote-work remote

Aug 11th 2021


Notch is an automated platform that helps fast-growing companies find, hire, and manage trusted ...  More

developers software engineering

Apr 30th 2021


Snaphunt is an AI-driven hiring platform and cloud-based recruitment software that ensures ...  More

saas recruiting talent

Sep 17th 2020


Jointl introduces a multi-factor approach to identify and hire top talent using interactive ...  More

reference assessments hr software

Aug 12th 2020


Jobsoid is an applicant tracking system that streamlines the entire recruitment process from ...  More

recruiting android hiring

Apr 29th 2020

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