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Nobody can stand the "Where do you want to eat" conversation. The endless "I Don't Care" and ...  More

search-cuisines android ios

Oct 3rd 2020

Filter Off

How much does it suck when the person you match with looks nothing like their pictures? A ...  More

nyc dating video

Feb 17th 2019


Friended is a new social media app that allows its users to connect in an authentic way. By ...  More

friendship relationships social app

Jun 23rd 2018


Love-Report is the ultimate guide to understand the deeper challenges of any relationship, ...  More

relationships durability truelove

Dec 29th 2017

Crew Love

Crew Love is a exciting new and fun social app that connects groups of friends with another ...  More

new friends groups

Nov 19th 2017

PATHS by Trilogy

This is an interactive and comprehensive mobile app tool utilizing Bazi - The Asian Personality ...  More

success personal development personality

Sep 3rd 2017


Self-Match uses a double-blind matching custom survey approach to explore compatibility. The ...  More

compatibility partners dating

Mar 24th 2017


Bonjoro lets you send personal video emails to anyone connected to your business to increase ...  More

sales marketing android

Dec 5th 2016

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