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Mirror your friend

Mirror is always the best friend of women, this mirror will tell you compliment as you like if ...  More

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Spin Rotate New: Circles Dodge

Are you really ingenious and have lots of patience? The game is good for the brain and ...  More

relaxation puzzle mobile

Tell Me Now™

The answers to life’s big questions are as close as your smartphone Have you ever thought ...  More

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Scroll and Find

Can you find the right person on time? Scroll and find all the occurrences of the right person ...  More

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My mother is a strong believer of healthy body, healthy mind; and has always taught us to focus ...  More

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RiLAXapp FREE is a magical way of Relax, Sweet Dreams, Meditation, Stress Management and improve ...  More

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Congak Run

A "Run" themed game, which consist of solving equations to proceed, this game will be updated ...  More

memory education game


Join a natural & organic lifestyle community where you can bring out your inner health ...  More

fashion & beauty fitness guide


Relax on the beach with Sunny, your collection of beautiful beaches recorded in stereoscopic 3D ...  More

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Kyrylo Aug 10th 2020