Restaurant apps

In a Word Reviews

Have you ever posted a review on Yelp, Metacritic, or Rotten Tomatoes? I know I haven't, nor any ...  More

tv review restaurant

Sep 21st 2015

Flaviar App

The Flaviar App. Your Liquor Advocate. From now on, you’ll always know what drink to order in ...  More

wine restaurant orgaize

Sep 17th 2015

Let's Settle IT

“Let’s Settle It” is the fun new app that helps people locate restaurants while not revealing ...  More

food entertainment restaurant

Aug 30th 2015


'TryAround' is your 'food discount card app' to get 'Final Bill' discounts from restaurants, ...  More

ios android restaurant

Aug 12th 2015


XQUI is free app for users and advertisers that allows its users, individuals or professionals ...  More

cafe restaurant social

Jun 30th 2015

The Winnow System

We believe that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way ...  More

hotel restaurant technology

May 16th 2015

Foodco Software

FoodCo is a revolutionary suite of professional food-costing software designed to maximize ...  More

accounting restaurant food

May 14th 2015

Food Finder

Food Finder is a place for foodies in London to find and share amazing restaurants. We're a ...  More

food mobile mobile apps

May 10th 2015

Eat Smart Abroad

The EAT SMART ABROAD App, now available in the Apple Store and Google Play store, features ...  More

food identity language

Apr 10th 2015

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a Customer Experience Management Platform for hospitality, healthcare, ...  More

feedback health hotel

Apr 6th 2015

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