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You know what they say? Everybody else's job is better than your own. So what if you were offered a new job at a new company. How can you find out what the new company is REALLY like. Simple! In JobVent you can see all the posts from the company's employees and see what they REALLY think of the place.   JobVent is a job review tool that offers the chance for employees to make anonymous reviews about their place of work -good or bad. Employees can rate their company on a 1 to 5 scale and the final rating represents the average of the reviewers' ratings for each of the detailed ratings ...  More

JobVent Jan 2nd 2009

Movie reviews and more

Social Movie Reviews, in 160 Characters or is a social networking site with a difference. This free app manages to offer the interraction of a social networking site whilst allowing the user to become their own film critic by writing and posting short and sweet reviews of all their favourite movies. It can also be used as a research tool to keep a record of all the films you have watched. Each one with your very own review and rating.But it's the networking side of things that really makes so much fun and sets it apart from similar apps. in a Twitterish kind of ...  More

Revview May 4th 2011


Tired of taking meeting notes? Wish there were a way for you to automatically search through the ...  More

online web app review

Aug 20th 2021

My Review Sidekick

My Review Sidekick is a simple software tool that helps you to easily (and even automatically!) ...  More

review software reputation

Dec 10th 2020


Crcl is a recommendation platform at heart, but it goes far beyond just providing reviews. Crcl ...  More

mobile ratings beta

Dec 5th 2016


A reliable technology partner is very significant for the success of any digital product. When ...  More


Apr 17th 2016

Cinco - Top 5 Places To Eat, Drink and Play

Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social ...  More

social restaurant review

Mar 30th 2016

Popcorn Time - Movie Reviews, Cinema, Show Time

Popcorn time keep you update on upcoming movies and behind the scene stories. Buy some popcorn ...  More

review iphone ios

Oct 13th 2015

DailyPrestige uses a “feedback first” approach to helping you engage with your customers to ...  More

web application review feedback

Oct 7th 2015

In a Word Reviews

Have you ever posted a review on Yelp, Metacritic, or Rotten Tomatoes? I know I haven't, nor any ...  More

tv review restaurant

Sep 21st 2015

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