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Putting the social and fun into project management

Over the last few years, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the way we interact and share information with our friends. Yodiz is a project management tool that does similar things but in a business oriented format. Whether you are looking for a set of personal management tools or something with a bit more oomph for your business, big or small, Yodiz is an all-encompassing development program that gives you the power to organize your life and collaborate with your co conspirators.   Yodiz is a disruptive, cloud based service that claims to have made a ...  More

Yodiz Feb 8th 2012

A quick and easy way to schedule employees online

Small to medium sized business tend to fudge their way through things on a lot of the organizational side of the business. Sometimes it seems easier to design and draw a chart on paper than to go through the whole rigmarole of spreadsheets fir your scheduling. Smart Employee Scheduling takes all of the hard work out of online employee scheduling, rosters and timekeeping. The array of tools featured give you all the armory you need to tackle payroll and invoicing issues in a simple and clear way saving you time and money.   Smart Employment Scheduling is the quick and easy way to ...  More

Smart Employee Scheduling Dec 16th 2011

Scheduling tool for real estate agents

It's tough times in the real estate business these days. It's certainly harder to sell a house in this tough economic climate. As a consequence there is far more pressure on the real estate salesman to actually make a sale or rent a property when the opportunity crops up. So whenever there is someone that wants to take a look at a property you are certainly going to want to fit them in somewhere. ShoMojo lets owners, managers and agents schedule rental and sales showings to give you the best chance of filling the vacancy.   ShowMojo takes the pain out of property showings by letting ...  More

Show Mojo Dec 15th 2011

Schedule a shift for your staff – and then make sure they do it!

Poor employees, gone are the days when you could finish a shift and forget about the boss until the next one. Once upon a time you could even ignore the ringing of the telephone just in case it was him with a desperate invitation to do some more hours. I’m being a little unfair perhaps. Although Enigmai does give business owners a greater chance of success at contacting employees out of hours that’s not all it can do. As a scheduler it not only manages shifts but can monitor attendance as well as acting as a useful employee management system.  More

Enigmai - Employee scheduling and management Dec 7th 2011

Staff scheduling done well

Of the many weekly shift scheduling apps out there this one certainly looks to be up there with them as far as functionality goes with drag and drop features making the operation stress free and fast. If you’re still plotting your staff’s workload on a spreadsheet and then pinning it to the noticeboard you really should take a look at rotaville. You can still print out a copy of the weekly schedule if you like but with a good level of collaboration available on this system there are better ways to notify staff.  More

Rotaville Rota Software Dec 2nd 2011

Online employee shift scheduling

Zoomshift is your all encompassing business employee scheduling tool that goes some way to organizing your employees rosters and availability as simply and efficiently as possible. Want to know an employees weekly availability? What days they have requested off next week? Their skill level for a specific position? No problem, you can access all of this information in seconds. Everything you need to know about your employees is at your fingertips.   More

Zoomshift Nov 22nd 2011

Organise Today, Plan for Tomorrow

If you are a small to medium sized business you will be well aware of the need to be better organized and in control of customer relations, appointment scheduling and reporting. Malinko is a cost efficient business schedule and customer relations management tool for the mobile that let's you solve your organizational problems without having to install any complicated software.     If you are struggling with a combination of whiteboards, spreadsheets, a calendar and a few packets of post-it notes to manage your important appointments and customer records now is the time to ...  More

Malinko Job Scheduling & CRM Oct 28th 2011

Keep your schedule blooming year-round with Evergreen

Here's a novel idea that I haven't seen much before. Evergreen is an appointment scheduling application that minimizes the back and forth phone or email communication of creating and confirming appointments by installing an Evergreen widget on their website to handle them. Imagine the amount of time it will save for your hard working staff...or yourself. Think of the things you'll be able to do with all that spare time?     Evergreen is an appointment-scheduling tool for businesses that acts like a personal secretary. The web-based software helps small businesses minimize ...  More

Evergreen Oct 20th 2011

The Leader in Online Scheduling Software

If you run a business that’s appointment critical then you’ll know what a pain it is. Even if you have an electronic diary system you still have to man the phone, enter details and then go through it all again if someone cancels. Then of course there’s always the person who must have a particular member of staff attend to them so it’s back to the work schedule to check availability.   More

Appointment-Plus Oct 19th 2011

Silentus App

Remove distractions, regain your time, and boost your productivity. With Silentus filter out ...  More

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