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200,000+ wallpapers for your desktop

Wallpoper, not wallpaper! There must have been a reason but herein lies a design tool for your desktop,  mobile device or iPad that delivers background wallpaper...but it's called Wallpoper. Any ideas anyone? No, me neither. Still, this rather attractive looking design and search tool does precisely what it says it's going to do. And that's to deliver high quality and interesting photos and designs that you can use to decorate your online backgrounds.   If you are looking for free wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device then Wallpoper is a good place to start. They simply ...  More

wallpoper Jan 18th 2012

Lawyer search made easy

Here’s one with a potential double sided benefit in that it can help those people looking for a top-tier lawyer and also act as a marketing tool for those very same legal eagles. Obviously if you’re after the brains of a top-tier lawyer your requirement is unlikely to be in respect of a small family house purchase (unless it’s a mansion in Beverly Hills) or a small unpaid debt claim. In this respect the site is clearly aimed at individuals or businesses with a fairly complex legal issue who are willing to spend the going rate for proven quality.  More

Quigal Jan 18th 2012

Smart social video searching made easier

Smivi just seems to make the whole video search caper so much easier than many others. This online video search engine manages to search and organize all your specific video watching needs in one place and allows you to share and discuss your favorites with your friends in a very social way. Search all over the web for great videos in the most specific of ways giving you far more structured results. Then engage your friends in live chat and place comments on postings.   Smivi aims to improve the video search experience by bringing you fast and relevant search results. Finding the ...  More

Smivi Jan 5th 2012

A challenge to LinkedIn? Possibly not...

ˈIt’s not what you but who you knowˈ is a phrase that often pops up in connection with people who manage to land a job that to the innocent bystander seems way beyond them. Well this site positively encourages you to use your friends and any influence they may have to get you a job where they work but if you don’t have a Facebook account you can’t, at least for the moment, play along. It might be simplifying it a little I suppose. After all if you wanted a job and needed to ask your friends to put in a good word for you wouldn’t you just post your ...  More

betterGrind Dec 22nd 2011

See your site how overseas visitors do

If you are serious about your online business you will no doubt adopt several different tools to analyze how your website is performing. The are so many different kinds of analytical tools available out there right now. Tools where you can check your traffic and even tools to work out which parts of your site are working better than others. But two areas that arent often analyzed are how others see you from different countries around the world and how your competitors sites look compared to your own. Proxypic is an analytical tool that gives you a great overview of how others see you ...  More

ProxyPic Dec 21st 2011

NYC Apartment hunting can cost less

Apartment hunting is a scary business especially in NYC. It can also be an expensive business and not only in respect of the rental prices as there is often "Mr Ten Per cent" to consider and he likes his cake at both ends of the transaction. Naked Apartments can go a long way to not only help you find what you’re looking for but in a lot of cases succeed without you having to stump up the broker fees that go with it.  More

Naked Apartments Dec 15th 2011

Make the lawyers come to you..

If ever there was an aspect of business life more deserving of some sort of choice then it surely has to be in matters relating to the law. Good legal advice and help, whether it be in the drafting of business documents or even representation in a Court case is never going to be cheap but at least with a number of providers to choose from you can gain some sort of control. Legal River can provide that choice and in a simple process can have the issue you need resolving in front of a number of suitable lawyers.  More

Legal River Dec 5th 2011

Free comparison shopping tool for movies and tv shows

Every single DVD retailer these days seems to have it's own pricing policy on individual titles. Some will use individual titles as a loss leader while some will buy large amounts of stock on a good selling title when it hits the right price. Yet quite often, if you just do a straight order on a specific title it will come back to you at the full list price. It makes far more sense to see who is selling it the cheapest at any given time without having to do all the leg work. Watchily compares the price and availability on the film you want with all the major retailers so you can choose the ...  More

Watchily Dec 3rd 2011

File search engine spidering 50+ uploading sites

While its oh-so-easy to use a search engine like Google to hunt for your files there sometimes comes a time when you want to be a little more specific. You know what I mean, don't you. Sometimes you don't want to see Google's version of what you are looking for but really want to get to the crux of the matter. FilesHut is a search engine that is designed to find files from over 50 specialized and popular uploading websites that will deliver the newest and most relevant content on the net.  More

FilesHut Dec 3rd 2011

Zopeo - people search that brings out the sleuth in you

Probably thanks to sites like Facebook and Ancestry going out of their way re-connect people with their past there has never been so much searching to find old friends and family members on the Internet. I've done it myself and it's not only a fascinatingly fun thing to do it also turns you into a potential Agatha Christie sleuth overnight. Zopeo is a people search app that acts as a Globel White Pages by helping you find people you have lost contact with no matter where they are and delivers your information all in the one place.  More

Zopeo Dec 3rd 2011

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