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Picture the menu!

I'm sure we've all been out to restaurants and ordered something up on the menu that sounds pretty good but when it arrives it looks more like a bird's nest than the delicate web of pasta as described in the menu. The interestingly named The Men View (no, its not an online hunky men's magazine) is a very cool way to see if the chef's culinary masterpiece lives up to it's description by encouraging members to take and display their own pictures of their culinary delights for all to see. Consequently, many restaurants have begun to upload their own food photos giving a large database of food ...  More

The MenView Sep 20th 2011

How To Shop Smartly

How Do To Do: Smart Shopping Engine is virtually the online equivalent of what a high street department store would call price matching. While on the one hand this shopping tool has a huge number of great shopping products on the 'shelves' for perusal, it will also hunt for a better price if you don't like the one on offer. Then it will send you an email when it finds the best price.   This Smart Shopping Engine is here to find pretty well anything you want to purchase. Not only that but it searches for the best quality product, the best price and the best shipping cost. How To Shop ...  More

Smart Shopping Engine Sep 15th 2011

Side Effects, Treatments and Symptoms from Medify

No, Medify isn't a self diagnosing tool. That would be a little dangerous. It's an online health search tool that accesses the published findings of leading researchers, physicians and medical institutions worldwide. Their published findings of thousands of cases and details of ways of treating their symptoms are gathered together online to promote the advancement of medicine.   Modify gathers millions of these case studies of real patients every day and it's powerful search engine scans all the relevant details and extracts key phrases and information in each study. Patients with ...  More

Medify Sep 14th 2011

Search the Wicked Web Wickedly.

There are plenty of search engines around. Everyone seems to swear by either Google and Bing for their speed and reliability. We all know, however, that there were times when we hankered to modify it to our own needs. If you are looking at some of the 'dodgIer' sites on the net you might not want to have your IP Address available so you can surf the net anonymously. That's one place where the Jawoco Search Engine can help.  More

Jawoco Search Engine Sep 10th 2011 - Human-predefined web search

While there are plenty of Internet search engines out there they generally give an endless stream of less appropriate links that aren't necessarily relevant to what you are looking for. Imagine having an intelligent search engine that thinks the way you do and can also read your mind and find the specific thing you are looking for. Sortpage is a free app that is able to do that for you at just the click of a button.  More

Sortpage Aug 29th 2011

The Best Websites on the Web

Do you have problems identifying the sites you want when you plug a subject into the Google search engine? There's PDF's, there's photos and all sorts of other stuff intertwined with the site you really want. Topwebsitez simplifies everything. It's an oh-so-easy to use interface which only gives you the best results available and cuts the other stuff out. For anyone who is a newcomer to the net this could be very useful.  More Aug 24th 2011

Food, I love you

Of course there are millions of recipe sites around on the net that will stimulate your taste buds. The difference with Foodily is that, not only is it a beautifully crafted interface, but it also connects you with your friends and the recipes that they love through your favorite social networking site. Foodily helps users find the most delicious recipes from all over the net and compare them side by side. Then they can check with their Facebook dinner guests if they wish to let them decide the culinary delight for the evening.  More

Foodily Aug 23rd 2011

Search and download songs and music videos for free in MP3 , MP4 and 3GP formats.

Bigsong is an incredibly easy to use song and music video download app that allows you to search and download from the net for your favourite songs from one simple location free of charge. Utilizing a fast search engine it provides a quick and easy way to download quality MP3 and music videos from a database that has access to millions of files with another 20,000 added every day.  More

Bigsong Aug 17th 2011

New age movie information experience

Do people ridicule you for your lack of movie knowledge? Are you constantly embarrassed when you turn up at the movies only to find Sandra Bullock is a RomCom star and not an Action woman? Do you find yourself left out of conversations when you are trying to impress a potential partner and have no idea if Eat, Pray, Love is a mind expanding classic or a lifestyle choice? Well now the world of movie knowledge can be at your fingertips with this clever movie app.  More

Theaterex Apr 29th 2011

Expired Domain Name Finder

Whether you’re looking for a website for your business or you’re in the business of flipping websites (buying expired domains just to turn around and sell them for a profit), Sitespotter is an invaluable domain name finder tool.  More

You can choose between a number of PreRelease and Pending Delete lists from NameJet, or upload your own list to parse.  The parsing process itself is fast, once you choose your options like minimum and maximum letters and whether to search for .org/.net domains as well. Deleted domains do not retain their age, while PreRelease ones do.  More

Sitespotter Sep 11th 2010

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