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Next generation money management for the financially challenged

As much as anything else, RedMica is kind of like intervention for the financially damaged. This cloud-based financial application is aimed at giving the more 'money challenged' of us the same opportunities for sound financial advice as the big guys and is a great way to manage your personal finances -all from your mobile phone. This next generation intuitive money management device uses powerful analytics to work out what you've spent, what you can spend and what can happen to you if you spend it and gives you a great overview of your financial affairs.   RedMica is the next ...  More

RedMica Dec 16th 2012

Total security for your private files

There has been a lot of talk about Internet security and the protection of material and files lately. You only have to look on Facebook over the last few weeks to see a little bit of paranoia creeping into people's lives with countless 'protection of rights' messages being posted. Many from people who should know better because the only way you can have a hope of protecting your Facebook posted material is by changing all your settings to friends only. But it highlights the concern people have with the neverending problem of who gets to see your work. Prot-0n is a new free security ...  More

Prot-On Nov 29th 2012

A rock solid place to store all your passwords

Passwords for the computer, your online bank account, your iTunes account. Pay Pal, Google, Facebook - there are a million of them, aren't there? It used to be so simple and you could use the same password for everything but nowadays we are encouraged to have a different password for every different account and to change them often. If seems a little ridiculous to write them down on a piece of paper and keep them in the drawer next to the computer so  the most secure option is to have a dedicated and totally safe and secure place to lock them away until you need them. Passwords Plus ...  More

Passwords Plus Sep 24th 2012

Easy 911 contact for the hearing impaired

There are over two million burglaries in the US each year and, in about half of those cases, there is someone in the house when the perpetrator gets in. So, what do you do? Call 9-1-1, obviously. But when we throw in the equation of hearing impaired people at home it gets even scarier. There are some 30 million hearing impaired people in the US for whom SMS texting is not an option as it is not supported by most US 911 centers. Advanced911 comes to the rescue with this security and tracking application for iOS that lets you send an instant message and your location details to participating ...  More

Advanced 911 Jul 12th 2012

Use your home webcam as added security

You must have read the stories of computer thieves being apprehended when the owner has activated their computer webcam and captured the faces of the swine that broke in and absconded with  it. We all cheer and champion the technology when we read a story like that, don't we? Well, Cam On Duty is a security application for iPhone that allows you to turn your IP camera or webcam to turn into a home monitoring system without having to have a degree in computer technology.   Cam On Duty allows you to find new possibilities to use your IP camera by allowing you to transform your ...  More

Cam On Duty Jun 23rd 2012

Mobile security for field workers

Mobile LWP is the third in a series of next generation mobile tracking applications for android after the very impressive Mobile Track and Mobile Monitor. The LWP here refers to Lone Worker Protection and is a security and management solution for field based employees who work in the community, conduct home visits, are a single operator or employ late night staff to ensure safety and protection.   Mobile LWP is Crystal Ball’s third recent innovative mobile app. This one's aim is to keep employers constantly updated with the welfare and safety of their lone workers without the ...  More

Mobile LWP Mar 18th 2012

A complete payment process for smartphones

There's little to match a poor payment platform to ruin the reputation of your prized mobile application. Nothing is more frustrating then to go through the whole buying process only to find that there is a problem at checkout time. ZooZ is a totally complete, safe and secure answer to the problem of being able to accept payments for goods or services in a mobile application. It's a payment application for android, iPhone and smartphones in general that provides an entire payment process that is easy to use and where security is a high priority.   ZooZ' payment platform is a complete ...  More

ZooZ Mar 10th 2012

Wipe all your Twitter tweets in one go

One of the great things about this Twitter tool is it's sense of humor. From it's rather amusing name through to it's wittily written demeanor - I think you'll get to like this place. So, what does the amusingly titled TwitWipe do? Well, you know if you write something stupid on Facebook you can easily delete it? Try doing that on Twitter. Not a chance. If you say something dumb on Twitter (and who can say they haven't?) it's there forever. TwitWipe solves that problem by letting you delete all your tweets with one click. Gone forever.  More

TwitWipe Dec 27th 2011

Automated express login for all sites

Without doubt the most tiresome thing about joining up to sites on the Internet is the form filling. Filling in pretty well the same information each time you go to a site isn't necessary now, though. Dashlane  works as your personal net assistant and offers a number of security tools to make your Internet experience a productive and safe one. No longer will you have to log in to individual websites or even remember passwords. Dashlane fasttracks you inside via a trusted and secure express log in that will give you immediate access to all of them.  More

Dashlane Dec 15th 2011

Sleep easy knowing your website is secure

Here is a security app that acts is if it's a security guard on site overseeing and protecting all the comings and goings on your website and reporting to you any anomalies. It will notify you of any major issues that might crop up including malware and spam, outdated or expiring programs and certificates, downtime and defacements plus a whole lot more. WebSecurityMonitor will help you get to sleep at night while it patrols your site.  More

WebSecurityMonitor Dec 6th 2011

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