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Track and record your happiness and spread a little smile

The world is not a very happy place right now. Just look at the news. There's trouble in the Middle East and Europe, and Africa is a minefield just waiting to explode. The fact is, as individuals, we can't really have much control over what's happening in the word. We can have some control in our own individual happiness, however. MyHappiness is a social self-help application for iOS and Android that can be used as a personal happiness trainer as well as a platform to keep a record of your happy times and your not-so-happy times. This fun set of tools will store your inspirational photos ...  More

MyHappiness Sep 9th 2014

An executive tune up for your performance management

Kapta Systems could well be described as an executive tune up for your business methods. By that I mean that this business solutions application provides a cost effective elite employee performance management for businesses of all sizes that doesn't take a degree in business studies to understand.  Kapta's business plan is based on performance management problems based on the business experiences of over 100 top executives to identify and solve familiar everyday business problems.   Kapta started with the simple idea of providing great employee performance management tools and ...  More

Kapta Systems Jul 17th 2012

Mobile security for field workers

Mobile LWP is the third in a series of next generation mobile tracking applications for android after the very impressive Mobile Track and Mobile Monitor. The LWP here refers to Lone Worker Protection and is a security and management solution for field based employees who work in the community, conduct home visits, are a single operator or employ late night staff to ensure safety and protection.   Mobile LWP is Crystal Ball’s third recent innovative mobile app. This one's aim is to keep employers constantly updated with the welfare and safety of their lone workers without the ...  More

Mobile LWP Mar 18th 2012

Attain your goals with better resolutions

Now here is a timely app for the beginning of a new year. Ideal Me Lite is a free productivity and self-help app for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you lay down some positive affirmations of resolutions you would like to keep  over the coming year. By laying out your goals and specifying your potential achievements IdealMe helps to keep them in your head and helps you to become the person that you always wanted to be.  More

Ideal Me Lite Jan 3rd 2012


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. To know yourself is to master Self Awareness. ...  More

selfhelp growth hacking emotional intelligence

May 17th 2019


SniperSight Natural Sight Without Glasses Our App was design to be very simple, unitarian ...  More

health and fitness apps new self-improvement

Nov 28th 2018


The idea of it is about matching you with people with identical aspirations, dreams or goals ...  More

earlyadopters victory dreams

Sep 24th 2017

Best Day Ever - Mood Diary

The main idea of the Best Day Ever - Mood Diary is to help users keep their emotional life in ...  More

motivational analytics tracker

Mar 12th 2017

Evolution 2

Evolution 2 (E2) is a behavior optimization tool. Users of E2 are guided through an ...  More

personal development habit behavior

Mar 3rd 2017


This App refines Face Recognition to enable automatic face tracking for video or still ...  More

instagram selfhelp tracking

Jan 24th 2016

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