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This App refines Face Recognition to enable automatic face tracking for video or still ...  More

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Overhead Manager

Overhead Manager is an easy way to track and review the household expenses. By logging the meter ...  More

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Subliminal Vision Boards

Welcome to Subliminal Vision Boards App We’ve taken the best of Subliminal technology and ...  More

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MBA in a DAY 2.0

The world has changed greatly since MBA in a DAY was published the same year as Google's Initial ...  More

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ezVideo - Free Wifi Video Transfer and Player iOS App

ezVideo App gives you an easy functionality to transfer your favourite videos and audios to your ...  More

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A very simple app but yet to see anything similar on App Store – this makes us think that this ...  More

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This is a very simple app, nothing impressive in technology. Is just an impressive easy way to ...  More

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Diet Bully

Don't cheat on that diet! When a craving hits, just open this app and hit the "Should I Eat It" ...  More

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Tell Me Now™

The answers to life’s big questions are as close as your smartphone Have you ever thought ...  More

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Your motivation is in your pocket. Champy helps you stay motivated by creating challenges to ...  More

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