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Turn your iOS into a stage ready drum computer

Noisepad is the brainchild of Dutch live DJ Chuckie. He came up with this user-friendly and very powerful drum computer, sequencer and beat creator for iOS to augment his live shows. Onstage, he can be seen tapping away on hs iPad and creating audacious beats and samples with this easy to use music application. Noisepad is a very impressive music application that is designed for live work. - whether it be at a party or on the world's biggest stage. Now you might lookI bit silly on stage with your iPhone but the iPad has been turned into a musical instrument.   Chuckie was In a need ...  More

Noisepad v2 update Oct 3rd 2012

Create your own music on your IPad

Gets The Party Started With The Music You Create! You know when you go into one of those epic dance parties and your whole body is immediately reconstructed by this fat sample coming from the speakers? There are a few bands around at the moment that are hitting it. Bands like Skrillex and Nero. Advanced IGD Studio is an amazing music app that gives you that fat sample (and much much more) so your iPhone turns into a mini music machine.  More

Advanced IGD Studio Nov 23rd 2011
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