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It takes fonts to have the best design

 It's funny but I was just saying the other day that I haven't seen too many font apps lately and here is a beauty. Whilst most office applications that probably came with your computer have a heap of default fonts installed. There's a couple of problems there though. Quite often, you can't actually see what the typeface looks like until you have it in your document. Secondly, there aren't those really cool and unusual fonts available to make your presentation something special. FontIneed has solved both those problems in one by having 50,000 fonts available including many ...  More

FontIneed Oct 26th 2011

Your social information network

It was never going to take long before the world woke up to the fact that a “Facebook” like application could actually have some real uses other than announcing parties, displaying pictures of new kittens and all the other dross that gets posted hourly.  More

Using similar features but as a work based communications tool is certainly one useful way of harnessing the power of this technology and is one of a number of similar apps that looks to have got it well covered.  More

YoolinkPro Jan 7th 2009

Easy way to discuss new ideas

One of the hardest thing that most businesses have to deal with is the ability to change. Even when you as a boss have made the decision that it's time to change things round a bit sometimes the toughest part is to get your fellow workers to accept that their game plan needs to be updated and the best way to achieve that is to keep them involved in the process too. So how do you get to present new ideas and get people to discuss and make suggestions about them? Your Change Manifesto is a business tool where you can present suggestions for new ideas and have the people you want involved ...  More

Your Change Manifesto Oct 26th 2011

Virtual data rooms solutions for organizations.

WatchDox Virtual Data Rooms is a bit like having a secure conference room available to you whenever you want it. It's like having a safe room where you can safely share information and important data with others knowing that no one else but your invited guests will ever see it. It's ideal use is as an online repository of information that may be used during an investment deal or loan syndication where it's vital that the data is kept inside four secure walls, so to speak.   WatchDox is a security share tool that provides virtual data rooms solutions to organizations. WatchDox also ...  More

WatchDox Virtual Data Rooms Sep 7th 2011

Online Notes Services - Fast . Easy . Short

This site is obviously still in the development stage as 80% of the functions are still "coming soon". Either that or the cash has run out and finding more is proving difficult. I must say if I’d been asked to consider funding it I would have probably politely declined. Let’s consider the ground breaking capability of the app. Firstly it’s a note taking system that allows you to" take notes quickly and browse your archive".  More Jun 23rd 2011

An economy of words

If you’re a bit of a wordsmith and fancy the challenge of writing a haiku then this website is a place where you can have a bit of fun and share your efforts with all the others trying to squeeze their creative juices into 17 syllables.   More

They now have an iPhone version too so you can get your inspiration down even when you’re on the move.   More

Haikyu for iPhone Jan 10th 2011

This Is The History of Your Life

It probably won't be until later on  in your life that you will wish you had taken part in this. But I'll tell you about it anyway. Histofme is a writing share site where you can chronicle every single event in your life. Now imagine how cool it would have been if you had started this as a little kid and you can look back on it now. I know what you're thinking already. Histofme is like keeping a diary of your life in the 21st Century and you'll never need a pen.     Histofme is a site where you can write and share the chronicles of your life. You can record anything ...  More

Histofme Oct 28th 2011

All fans are NOT created equal

There are so many 'fan' sites around these days that are basically just outlets for the great big publicity machine. The articles are the same ones that are seemingly churned out again and again and the writing is pretty average and there's little passion involved. Fanified, on the other hand, is a social share tool where the obsessed and obsessive real fans can voice their opinions on the things they love most. But here's the twist. How does Fanified ascertain that these so called fans are real fans? Well, they make them sit a test!   It’s time to figure out who the real fans ...  More Oct 27th 2011

Share E-books On Twitter

There have been plenty of times when I've said to a Twittere friend "Have you read any Jonathan Carroll books?" Of course, they've generally never heard of him so I offer to send them something so they can see if they like his writing. That's where it gets a little tricky. I could just go out and buy a copy of "Sleeping In Flames" and post it off but that takes time. I could use a file sharing site but, let's face it, that's a bit of a hassle. Twtebook is a PDF book share tool for Twitter that let's you share your file without even having to download it.     Sometimes you ...  More

Twtebook Oct 24th 2011

Your Creative Writing Community

There is only one emotion that beats love as the subject responsible for turning the ordinary person in the street into a poet and that’s jealousy. The creative angst that pours from anyone who’s been wronged in matters of the heart could probably fill the libraries of the world and this site has its fair share of it.   More

Litsay Jan 4th 2011

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