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A beautiful place to keep your web page clippings

The way it stands at the moment when I find an interesting webpage that I want to hang on to and look at again later with my friends I do one of two things. I'll either save it to the myriad that is Facebook or I'll bookmark it into another myriad of messiness. Meaki turns the whole bookmarking thing on it's head by making it social. It's a microblogging and sharing application where you can collect and share the cool web pages you find and it presents them in a great looking package. It's almost the Flipboard for web pages.   Find it. Clip it. Keep it. Share it. Thats the company ...  More

Meaki Mar 29th 2012

Forget email - shake and share your files here

Shake2u is a file share application for iPhone and iPad that offers great benefits in either a personal or a business sense. It's a fast yet very simple way of transferring files, whether they be music, docs or photos, between idevices without the need for messy and time consuming emails. shake2u is a clever and beautiful looking app that avoids slow transfers by shaking your devices together to deliver your files immediately to family, friends, colleagues or potential customers.   When it comes to sending files in your iPhone or iPad to friends or clients you will probably end up ...  More

shake2u Mar 28th 2012

SoundCloud goes mobile

The last couple of years has seen the social music share site SoundCloud go from strength to strength. Just released is this newly updated free app for iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch that takes the musical community mobile and wherever you can get an Internet connection enabling you to interact, share and record music wherever and whenever you want.   SoundCloud really is the easiest way to share original music with friends in your social networks. It let's music fans as well as musicians and spoken word performers easily upload and listen to music from anywhere they can get a ...  More

SoundCloud Mar 27th 2012

A video dictionary of words and phrases that could be the next Pinterest

Potential! Vifinition Video Dictionary has heaps of it. This video sharing application takes video crowdsourcing in a slightly different direction by redefining the way we perceive words and phrases in our search mechanisms. Rather than relying solely on our tried and tested methods of the search engine, Vifinition turns the video search on its head by relying on the urban dictionary concept of finding interesting videos and adds a great element of fun to it, too. If I said the word fiasco to you - how would you define it as a piece of video art?   Vifinition introduces a new ...  More

Vifinition Video Dictionary Mar 20th 2012

A private geolocator to find your friends

Moojive is an event sharing application for Facebook that is kinda similar to FourSquare and Google Latitude in that it let's you instantly find the locations of your friends when you go out. The idea being that if you or your friends get lost on the way to the movies or a specific restaurant, Moojive makes it pretty damned easy to find them again.   Moojive is a mobile app that extends your Facebook event experience. The app makes it easy to plan events on the go as well as being able to stay on top of where your friends are en route to the location when out and about.  ...  More

Moojive Mar 19th 2012

Instantly amazing Instagram photos in real time

If you look for the word Instamazing in the Urban Dictionary it will be described as an amalgamation between the words 'Instantly' and 'Amazing' which seems to be a rather apt description of this well timed free image and photo share application. It's the place to go to see the squillions of wonderfully warped photos submitted by Instagram members. You can view the artistic photographic skills in real time and coming at you from all parts of the world.   So, there may be some people out there who aren't sure what Instagram actually is. I know it's hard to believe but I saw an ...  More

Instamazing Mar 18th 2012

I have seen the future of rock n roll and it's name is...GarageBand

You must have heard about GarageBand. It's Apple's glorious music creator that has been around for a little while now. Well now it's available for iPad iPod Touch and iPhone and, without doubt, I have to say that it is one of Apple's finest creations. For those not aware, GarageBand gives you an array of tools that allow you to play copious amounts of instruments, record music and even jam with friends. What's more, you can play wherever you have an Internet connection and whenever you want.   Whether you’re a musical prodigy or just love creating your own walls of sound, ...  More

GarageBand Mar 15th 2012

Track life experiences in your social network

It seems that the jury is still out on Facebook's new Timeline presentation. Most people seem to like the way it draws a line through your life and presents your information in chronological order. UsualWords is a social share application that not only displays and shares your life events but allows others to connect and follow you and react and comment on your trends. And herein lies UsualWords' interesting underlying social experience. By aiming to track all of life's experiences the chance beckons to pass on knowledge and experience to your followers leading to a much more philanthropic ...  More

UsualWords Mar 9th 2012

A great, simple music player with intelligent recommendations

You must have made a mix tape or two in your life, surely? If you saw Cameron Crowe's seminal 80's movie Say Anything you'll know exactly what it is. is a free MP3 music application where you can either create very cool mixes of music yourself or hunt through the copious amounts of personally chosen lists featured inside. Sounds pretty basic, doesn't it? But this is where the real beauty of kicks in. It just happens to feature some of the coolest mixes of lists, connections to great music to stir your interest. is a surprisingly enjoyable place to ...  More Mar 8th 2012

Make your Instagrams more Pinteresting

Pingram is a free photosharing application where you can display and share your cool Instagram photos inside a tasty looking interface that works just like the very popular Pinterest. It was developed with both Instagram and Pinterest in mind because those two apps are at the cutting edge of both photo warping and addictive photosharing techniques. What's more, Pingram also serves as a URL shortener and users can get a free URL page with your very own vanity personalized address.   I guess you know a fair bit about the photosharing application  Pinterest by now. Its been slated ...  More Mar 2nd 2012

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