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Share your pinteresting stuff socially

Pinterest could well be the next social networking site to take off - following nicely in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter. And the reason for that is that it is not only totally addictive but it's good too. This photo, video and memory share application is virtually pinboard for all the stuff that you love and want to share socially with others. Think of it as a virtual bookmarker that displays all the things you love in a beautiful interface and then let's you share it with your friends.   Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and social photosharing app that allows you to organize ...  More Feb 25th 2012

Helping small business keep a tab on ideas

It's all very well if you have a large company with the funds to have designated people to notate ideas and log everything that goes on within your business walls but it's not so easy if you are a small business with only a few of you doing all the work. Neutrino is a wiki share business tool that organizes and helps the small to medium sized business keep a tab on ideas and important information so none of your concept go amiss and enable you to never forget why an idea came about in the first place.   What sets a successful business apart from its competitors is quite often the ...  More

Neutrino Feb 21st 2012

Circle your 'likes' and make new friends

We've all clicked our various 'likes' on Facebook and get various updates as they release them. But that's just about where it ends. CircleMe, on the other hand takes your 'likes' one step further by storing all your favorites in the one place and encouraging you to interact with like-minded people who also happen to like the same 'likes' as you like. Phew, that was a lot of likes. CircleMe is a social app where you can 'circle' the interesting stuff. What's more, you can also import your faves from your favorite social networks to share with your new social friends.   CircleMe is a ...  More

CircleMe Feb 3rd 2012

Create and share playlists fast

With a name like Choruzz this could only be a music application, couldnt it? Chorus...gettit? And while there are a whole heap of music apps available this one's sole purpose in life is to share music fast without having to sign up, do handstands or hand over any credit card details. It's powered by YouTube API and Last-fm API so you know exactly the quality of site your music is coming from. Either create your own playlists simply and easily or choose from other people's playlists and share them with your friends.   Choruzz is a service kinda like Lookfm that lets you create and ...  More

Choruzz Jan 31st 2012

Is there anything this web design app can't do?

As our old friend Homer Simpson might say..."Is there anything Dev8ion Studio can't do?"  Dev8ion is a design and development application that's main aim is to optimize your website's potential and take it to its' maximum capacity. It does this by allowing starter developers as well as the more experienced ones to utilize the creative tools and applications available to enhance your site as well as letting you host discussions, collaborate on projects, help others while building your own social profile.  More

Dev8ion Studio Jan 19th 2012

Cyber fridge...

Sorry for the pun but I’m afraid this  one leaves me a bit cold (Ed - there goes another rib...).  What’s funny is that a lot of apps promote their ability to help you cut down on clutter such as scraps of paper and Post-It notes whereas this one actively encourages you to recreate the same squalid looking mess  on your PC rather than stuck to your fridge door. If you’re a Facebook user you can create an account and set up your own efridge and what’s more you can post notes on any Facebook user’s efridge. Just why you’d want to ...  More

efridge Jan 16th 2012

Overly ambitious?

I imagine the developers of this one have a huge ambition of their own and that is to actually develop something worth logging in to. As it stands I really can’t see the point of it at all. Billed as a platform where you can "maintain a public list of all of your big ambitions in life" the site has been around since the middle of 2011. Looking at the members however they all seem to have registered within the last couple of months so it’s obviously taken a while to get off the ground. The issue I have though is that it hasn’t actually got that far off the ground.  More Jan 15th 2012

Create themed photo streams

What a brilliant name for a photographic adventure application this is. PopSafari conjures up images of intrepid traveling and discovering new places and,  when you mix it with a photographic challenge, you know that it's going to be a lot of fun. Lets face it, most of us regard ourselves as photographic geniuses when it comes to digital photography. And it's true...very few digital pictures look average. It's usually only the subject matter that let's them down. PopSafari challenges the amateur as well as the more experienced photographer to create a stream or safari and invite other ...  More

PopSafari Jan 9th 2012

All the news you will ever need

Have you ever been into a newsagent and just read the newspapers until they throw you out for not buying anything? Whaddya mean no? You haven't lived until you've been there. Anyway, headslinger let's you read all the most interesting articles from all the most interesting news sources and all from the comfort of your own home. And you'll never get kicked out for doing it.   headslinger is a news sharing and social application that allows you to create a custom news list by news source. Whats more, it allows you to categorize your news by folder.The way we access our news has changed ...  More

headslinger Jan 7th 2012

Social sharing with revenue opportunities

I always wondered how publishers reclaimed monetary compensation when content on their site is copied. Up until now the answer to that has been "with great difficulty and an awful lot of trust." However, with the introduction of this social sharing and analytical site, there is now an opportunity for publishers to track when their content is copied and also provides a tool that includes a link back to your site when it is pasted. is a win for both the publisher and their audience.  Unlike alternatives like ShareThis and AddThis, is the only social sharing platform ...  More Dec 23rd 2011

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