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Online marketing meets the social network

BeamSnap is a revolutionary free online marketplace that utilizes the strengths and advantages of selling sites like eBay and the social interaction of the social networking experience. Here is a marketplace app that provides a platform for it's members to share, buy and sell specific products. One of the best things about BeamSnap is that every product has an equal chance of getting promoted to fellow members and followers no matter whether they are cheap or expensive.   BeamSnap is unlike any other social networking site. What makes it different from sites like eBay and iOffer is ...  More Dec 23rd 2011

Spread the word on those deals...

This one looks like an awful lot of work for just a trophy badge and the chance of a $20 gift card now and then but it has only just emerged from private beta so we’ll put the acid filled pen away……for now. The concept is based on the perception that people who find an amazing deal somewhere will not be able to stop themselves from spreading the news. I agree to a point but it does fall down somewhere in my opinion. I am all for spreading the news of discounted food or gas as it is a charitable thing to do. However, if I happen upon a pair of stunning Italian ...  More

BragTaggs Dec 23rd 2011

A challenge to LinkedIn? Possibly not...

ˈIt’s not what you but who you knowˈ is a phrase that often pops up in connection with people who manage to land a job that to the innocent bystander seems way beyond them. Well this site positively encourages you to use your friends and any influence they may have to get you a job where they work but if you don’t have a Facebook account you can’t, at least for the moment, play along. It might be simplifying it a little I suppose. After all if you wanted a job and needed to ask your friends to put in a good word for you wouldn’t you just post your ...  More

betterGrind Dec 22nd 2011

Find, store and share PDF's

AsPDF is one of those types of apps that I love the most. While it appears to be little more than a place to submit and share PDF's - generally not the most exciting and fun concept - there are two different functions that AsPDF can  fulfill. One the one hand it's a place to find thousands of manuals, documents and research material on anything from cancer research to any number how-to manuals. But on a sneakier and very clever level it could also be a place where you could effectively store all your home manuals and technical information and keep it in the cloud rather than in that ...  More

AsPDF Dec 22nd 2011

Putting the social back into moviegoing

It used to be that the best form of advertising for your movie was purely word-of-mouth. When you saw a movie that you liked you would tell your friends who would tell their friends and so on. The movies became a very social occasion. MovieGoer is a social movie and video sharing app for your iPhone that tries to put the social back into movie going. It uses peer pressure to encourage more people to actually go to the movies rather than catching a film on video.   MovieGoer is a new kind of mobile app that applies social networking as "peer pressure" to get more people to go to more ...  More

MovieGoer Dec 19th 2011

Store your contact details in one place

Don't you think it's time that we moved on from the humble address book and business card now that we have hit the noughties? I mean, come on people, it's time to move on. If you are anything like me you'll keep all your contact details in various places. Some are on your mobile, some on your computer and some are on sticky post-it notes stuck on your fridge. In fact, here's one in my back pocket. eGroovyContacts is an organize app where you can keep all of your contact details in one handy place and you can access them from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. Oh, and with this ...  More

eGroovyContacts Dec 14th 2011

A flipbook to share your memories

If you've had a look at apps like the award winning FlipBoard you'll know how glorious they make all your thoughts look. Suddenly all your thoughts, updates, pictures and links look as if they have been handed over to a design company and they produce a glossy magazine based on your content. TwitChapterz is an interesting way to create and share your defining life moments in flipbook format with friends and family via your Twitter account.   TwitChapterz is an interesting way for you to create and share life chapterz and defining moments from your tweets. It lets you create a ...  More

TwitChapterz Dec 14th 2011

This isn’t a bog-standard online diary

Here’s a great idea, how do you fancy having your own website completely dedicated to your life and how you’re living it? Mabame will give you just that and you needn’t worry, it won’t come up in internet searches for all the world to see. You can of course share it with the friends of your choice but even then you’ll be in charge of what they can and can’t see.  More

Mabame Dec 2nd 2011

Make money - rent your stuff to your neighbor

Have a look around the house. I bet you have a whole bunch of stuff hanging around the place that your neighbors would love to borrow if they got the chance. Maybe it's that big tent that you haven't used for five years or the power tool you haven't taken out of the box since the renovations. Freegler is a community site that gives you the opportunity to rent the stuff you have lying around the house and taking up space when it could be making money for you.  More

Freegler Dec 1st 2011

Social Networking for Dreamers

While there is a huge number of social networking related apps of all shapes and sizes I have to admit that I haven't seen one quite like Yumety before. It calls itself a social network for dreamers and you'll see why. Yumety encourages you to write down your wish or dream and connect with others who have similar desires to create opportunities and friendships the world over.  More

Yumety Nov 28th 2011

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