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"Cool Able Art" is an anagram of Collaborate - very apt for Mixel

Mixel has taken collaborative art to another level with this iPad app. Not only is it an inspiring and colorful way of unleashing your creative juices but you can also share the experience and let your friends take your vision and turn it inti something else. Mixel is a completely new way of sharing your artistic skills with friends and making something even more special.  More

Mixel Nov 27th 2011

Show Your City

It's fairly easy to get access to information about pretty well any city you'd like to know about. The restaurants! The nightlife! The sights! They are all easy to discover whether it be with a tourist guide or an Internet site. But how do you discover the REAL heart of the place? SideTour is full of interesting and exciting people extolling the virtues of their neighborhood through the many different areas of expertise that they have a passion for.   The world is full of vibrant and creative people – artists, actors, chefs, sommeliers, educators, students, explorers, ...  More

SideTour Nov 11th 2011

Your podcasts. With syrup on top.

Flapcast describe themselves rather wittily as 'Your Podcasts. With Syrup On Top' and that sums it up quite nicely really. This podcast share tool gives you a place to play, share and discuss your favorite podcasts with your friends (or anyone else, if it comes to that.) Flapcast keeps your podcasts in the cloud alongside your music where it is safe and accessable and not cluttering up your computer.     Your music lives in the cloud so why don't your podcasts? Flapcast lets you play, share and discuss your favorite podcasts over the web. I tend to think that podcasts are ...  More

Flapcast Nov 8th 2011

Explore our world and share yours

There are lots of travel guides and tourist books around but they’re generally written by expert writers or a country’s own tourist board so to get the views of ordinary people who have been there as well as people who live there gives a great personal insight.   More

With anyone can become a guide and by registering you can share your knowledge of not just your local area but of any of the places you’ve been in the world. The site is easy to navigate and all the countries of the world are listed regardless of whether there is an entry for them.   More

Thegoodguide Jul 10th 2011

The Power of Choice

I don't know about you but when I go out looking for a new car I start off with this image in my head that there is one perfect car out there waiting for me to buy it. It usually takes me a good week to come to my senses and realize that there are several alternatives to the car of my dreams that are just as good if not better. That's when things get easier. is a great advice search tool to help you make those difficult decisions much less stressful and complex. It attracts all those who have to make a difficult choice and are not sure which option is best and also allows ...  More Sep 20th 2011

Upload funny videos, pics and games.

This is a site that promises much in the way of earning cash but it’s probably a good idea to consider how you make it before you start staging funny situations and capturing them on your video. And unless you reside in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries you’ll not be able to take part anyway but I can’t imagine too many people crying over that to be honest.   More Jan 20th 2011

Financial Tools for Friends, Family, Business, Charity, Organizations

They say variety is the spice of life and this site sure has plenty of that. Far more in fact than a review of this size can do proper justice to but hopefully what it will do is give you a clearer idea of just what is available within.  More

As the name suggests money is the subject here and more to the point borrowing and lending it. There are plenty of sites out there that offer some of the components available here but generally only on a single product basis. With ZimpleMoney you can arrange loans such as family & friend, non-profit & micro loans and even real estate and small business start- up loans.   More

ZimpleMoney Feb 4th 2009

Share debts and expenses with friends

This is an interesting expenses track and share app that has obviously added a few extras since it launched. With a focus clearly on groups of people linked by a financial activity the site contains many tools that should make life a lot easier to organize.  More

There are more than a few apps out there aimed at making the nightmare of flat sharing more manageable and Scred can certainly be used in this capacity. Expenses can be logged and shared amongst flat mates and even paid via PayPal with this system. Flat sharing is just one of the situations that can be handled though.   More

Scred Mar 10th 2008

Look at all your achievements!

If you’re thinking about throwing yourself from a high bridge with your ankles tied to a bungee rope then make sure you get it caught on camera. The same applies if you’re skydiving for charity or doing anything that constitutes an achievement in your life.   More

In fact an achievement doesn’t have to involve a white knuckle activity at all and this website is open for anyone to share an achievement with other users and along the way perhaps provide some inspiration and motivation.  More

Groovor Jul 13th 2011

Take FREE films to any website

When you embed a SnagFilms widget on your website you will open a virtual movie theater and be considered what they call a Filmanthropist. SnagFilms not only let's you watch full length documentary films for free but it's also very easy to take the films and place them anywhere you want on the Internet.     Donate your pixels and support independent film! SnagFilms is a movie tool that offers advertising-supported documentary films. Filmmakers can submit documentaries for consideration as well. The site includes documentary films produced by National Geographic and PBS and ...  More

SnagFilms Jul 18th 2008

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