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Businesses selling online can often suffer from a couple of negative issues one of which is supposed to overcome the other.   More

The lack of a physical presence rules out the possibility for customers to touch and feel whatever is up for sale be it product or service. The obvious way to overcome that problem is by having reviews posted by existing and past customers but then there are always the inevitable questions about the integrity of those.   More

eTrue Jul 4th 2011

the largest shopping comparison site for athletes

If you are hankering to become a top athlete there's no reason why you wouldn't want to have access to the best products available to you. You could go down to the local store and find all the things you want but choptag is an online alternative that delivers the best products for athletes as recommended by athletic magazines and experts. Choptag is a sport shopping tool that allows athletes to quickly peruse and compare the top athletic prices at the best prices available.     You spend your time pushing yourself to the limit, so why not have the best? Choptag is smart ...  More

choptag Oct 10th 2011

CarSort helps you find the perfect Car

One of the cleverest things I ever did was to employ the services of a car broker to find my 'perfect' car a few years back. I think I paid him $500 for finding me my dream car and he did it. By using his unique networking skills and his knowledge of all things to do with the motor vehicle he found me the car I wanted based on the information I gave him. CarSort is a car searching tool that can be your very own car broker by making the consumer find the car they want by making informed decisions fast.     Carsort has a pretty simple goal. To empower consumers to make ...  More

CarSort Oct 13th 2011

Geekaphone helps you find the perfect phone

So, you need a new phone and there are literally thousands on the market out there, aren't there? Even if you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in a mobile it's still hard to find somewhere that compares all of your options. You tend to go to a one stop and see what they've got. Well, Geekaphone goes some way to solving those problems by helping users quickly make informed purchasing decisions on the phone meets their needs.     Geekaphone is a mobile shopping tool that has only one goal. To help consumers make informed purchasing decisions on their new ...  More

Geekaphone Oct 13th 2011

Pay by Mobile

Boku comes across as the mobile payment system for gaming addicts but it offers serious benefits to merchants and carriers as well.   More

For customers the advantages are pretty clear. If you’re in the middle of an online game and need to pay for some virtual or digital goods then the last thing you need is to have to stop everything and enter credit card details into a payment screen.   More

BOKU Jun 16th 2009

Discover new interesting books

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the books that are released these days? You used to be able to walk into your local bookstore and pick up a 'what's new' pamphlet but the humble and much-loved bookshop is beginning to become a thing of the past. Then there's the online releases too, of course. So where do you find out about all the latest book releases?  BookPeeper is a simple book shopping tool that details all the books, whether online or on paper, that are released today.   BookPeeper is a simple shopping tool that gives you a unique view of books released today. ...  More

BookPeeker Jul 18th 2011

What Can I Make For You?

Now here’s a site I’m not quite sure about. You have a mad desire for a product that you just can’t buy anywhere so you pose the question and one of the "hundreds" of custom makers registered with might just be able to knock it up for you!   More

Too good to be true?  More

What Can I Make For You? Nov 11th 2010

We match people with skis, quickly and accurately...

For ski bums out there this is a fun site and one to help you get the atmosphere going before you actually hit the slopes even if you’re not planning on buying new equipment. If you are in the market for some new skis though check it out.   More

Like golf clubs, you shouldn’t be buying skis based on how they look in a picture. You really need to find out if they’re going to do the trick based on your ability and physical condition and hopefully raise your game as well.  More

SkiGenie Jan 3rd 2011

A personalized gift engine that will show the world a smarter way to find great gifts.

Unless you are one of those exceptional people who excels in buying gifts for your friends you may need some help in buying that perfect gift for your Facebook friend. One of the great successes of social networking sites is the ability to connect people in cyberspace if not in person. You may not know them as well as you once did. GiveEmThis is a free web shopping app that helps users quickly find great gifts by algorithmically analyzing their friend’s social media habits and comments.   Through their social media site  (or Twitter, blog or URL) users simply log on to ...  More

GiveEmThis Sep 26th 2011

Save Shop Discover

The phrase “cash back” is always a great eye catcher and in these tough financial times is probably the first tag line on most marketing advisors lips.   More

Sign up to Zestii and you basically join a club that has a list of member stores, or partners as they’re referred to, where you can get cash back if you make a purchase via the site. With over 200 partners ranging from Bloomingdales to Nautica, most shopping needs are well catered for.  More

Zestii Mar 24th 2011

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