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Automatic savings

There’s an extreme market research theory that says if you want to know someone’s spending habits then have a look through their trash. Discarded packaging will certainly indicate where they’ve been shopping but it’s a messy business.   More

Another way of course is to get access to their credit card details and see where they’ve been without getting your hands dirty. Whilst that’s not quite the way describes its services I can’t help thinking the theory is lurking in there somewhere.  More

Offermatic May 7th 2010

Shopping made Simple

Zenkau's philosophy is simple. Their mission is to simplify the shopping experience. Zenkau is an online deal shopping tool that let's you find the products you want at the lowest possible prices online no matter whether you are buying globally or locally. With our lives becoming busier and busier and our hard earned dollars being stretched to the limit it's becoming more and more important to get the best deals that are out there.   Zenkau is a cutting-edge comparison shopping site. It lets you find products you want at the lowest price across both online and local 'High Street' ...  More

Zenkau Aug 25th 2011

How To Shop Smartly

How Do To Do: Smart Shopping Engine is virtually the online equivalent of what a high street department store would call price matching. While on the one hand this shopping tool has a huge number of great shopping products on the 'shelves' for perusal, it will also hunt for a better price if you don't like the one on offer. Then it will send you an email when it finds the best price.   This Smart Shopping Engine is here to find pretty well anything you want to purchase. Not only that but it searches for the best quality product, the best price and the best shipping cost. How To Shop ...  More

Smart Shopping Engine Sep 15th 2011

The next generation social commerce platform?

Any crowd funding site that promotes new and innovative ideas has to be a good thing and the guys behind this seem to have done a thorough job with a good looking site and well explained functions. Designers who have great ideas but find it a struggle to get the backing from manufacturers can upload their design in a number of formats (even on a napkin apparently) for consideration by thecreator.ME team who then get on with the serious work of getting it made. Obviously before that can happen it needs funding and before that it needs a price. To arrive at a figure the site ...  More

TheCreator.ME Jul 18th 2011

Because friends don’t let friends buy junk…'s a beautiful thing. Were all hopefully passionate about one thing or another whether it be a quality shirt or a cuban cigar. Gangaroo is one of those places that is filled with passion. It's like an online marketplace filled with interesting gifts that you can discover and share with the ones you know and trust -your friends.   Gangaroo is a free online social shopping advice sharing tool that allows you to browse thousands of gifts and products from huge organizations as big as Amazon, CrunchBase, Android and iTunes. It actually searches all the businesses in it's huge ...  More

Gangaroo Sep 14th 2011

Save 40% on your Credit Card Processing in 3 minutes

If you’re a business owner that thinks it’s about time you reviewed your credit card processing costs but dread the thought of all of those annoying sales guys calling then this is the site for you.   More

A comparison site for merchants, takes the basic information from you and then kick-starts an auction where top-tier card processing companies bid for your business. The result is a list of offers all set out on a like-for-like basis allowing you to weigh up the options available and the best fit for your company.  More

FeeFighters Apr 13th 2011

Super Simple Subscriptions

Recurly is a popular subscription billing service that can remove the headache associated with recurring credit card transactions.  By outsourcing this function to Recurly your business can get on with more important stuff like making money whilst they get on making sure it actually comes in.   More

There are a number of monthly pricing plans ranging from $69 plus 10c per transaction for up to 500 transactions, to $699 plus 8c per transaction for up to 10,000 transactions. Larger volumes require a discussion to agree a plan.  More

Recurly Oct 31st 2009

Track your Home Energy Usage

Say goodbye to the endless trawl through yellow pages or numerous websites thrown up by Google when you type in “fuel suppliers”. What’s more keep track of what you’re spending and how often with Fuelstart’s one-stop shop for domestic heating fuel.  More

To find fuel suppliers in your area the home page of asks just a couple of simple questions; type of fuel required and zip code. The system will then list all of the relevant suppliers within a selected radius of your given location.   More Sep 1st 2009

WeGoLook when you can't

It used to be the case that when you were going to purchase an item it was generally local. You could touch it, feel it and even bring an expert friend to give you advice. It's a bit more difficult than that these days, isn't it. So many of our purchases are done from a distance and we rely on the integrity and honesty of the seller to make sure we aren't being sold a lemon. Well, WeGoLook is your expert friend. WeGoLook dispatches over 7,000 Nationwide Looker® Inspectors to complete an ONSITE verification report of the item you wish to purchase or verify. leverages ...  More

WeGoLook Aug 29th 2011

We do the work, you take the credit.

Guys! Guys! Guys! This it an app for you. How many times have you realised at the last minute that its a friend's birthday or your anniversary and you have to rush out to the shops and buy the first thing you find. Well, if you are all about buying a great gift for your female friend then Gift Side Story provides a simple and unique way of making sure you buy her the gift she deserves. And you'll never miss an important date again.   More

Gift Side Story Aug 18th 2011

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