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Wisepath is a web-based, all-in-one communication, and collaboration tool to help teams manage ...  More

to-do task kanban

Jan 19th 2022


Flamingo helps modern startups manage leave easier, and keep their team fresh, happy and ...  More

slack slackintegration remote

Oct 14th 2021

Expenses for Slack

Are you still swapping Slack messages and running big Excel sheets to manage your traveling, ...  More

slackintegration expense tracker expense management

Jan 6th 2021


We recently created an iOS and Slack app that helps automate your status based on your current ...  More

ios slack android

Dec 22nd 2020

One Team Report

Ask your team everything you want and and get custom reports! One Team Report allows you to ...  More

team-management teams slackintegration

Apr 2nd 2020


We created Haystack because we wanted a way to search for everything on the cloud without giving ...  More

chrome dropbox drive

Mar 15th 2019


My co-founder and I have developed a cash management tool that connects your accounting software ...  More

artificial-intelligence slack finance

Mar 27th 2018


Why did we create HealthyBot? We believe the modern workplace is making people unhealthy. The ...  More

office ios slack

Jun 24th 2016

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