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KOFEFE provides a unique social networking experience by letting you post ‘surprises’ and ...  More

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SociaBatt is a social network platform that allows users to create limited time ⏳ online ...  More

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Upbeat is a fun new web app that learns your unique taste in music and matches you with fans who ...  More

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‘Have I mingled with anyone relevant to me today? Is there anyone important at today’s event I ...  More

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TWRL's mission is to help girls feel empowered and self confident and TWRL allows them to post ...  More

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Are They Hooping

The “Are They Hooping” app was created by Ronald Jones Jr and was officially released in ...  More

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Opentalk, social voice calling app. We believe that talking can open the world of ...  More

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MemorySphere is a mobile social platform that eliminates unwanted background noise, gives you ...  More

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Socialize is quickly growing as a 'must-have' app! Take for example, you want to do ...  More

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