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It's a bit sad really. The fact is, the days of the spreadsheet as we know it, are pretty numbered. While they have served us well, they can be a little cumbersome and better results and analysis can be achieved using other methods. Whether we are using them as an inventory at home for books and cd's or in a business sense to log personnel details or research documents it makes more search now to use a data management application instead. Flextory is an easy to use Software as a Service management system where you can create a spreadsheet for just about anything and organize, categorize ...  More

Flextory Jan 19th 2013


There are a few things we miss in spreadsheets when we are working with data that has a ...  More

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pknoa! is a very simple way to keep track of everything. It uses natural language processing, to ...  More

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Binary Tree

BinaryTree is an online platform for Operations Teams to create, manage and find the ...  More

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Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery software is a competent tool that can easily repair corrupt ...  More

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Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

Stellar Phoenix Excel repair tool is one of the most proficient software to repair corrupt Excel ...  More

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Office ToGo

Microsoft Office Viewer, Document & Spreadsheets Editor, PDF Maker, Voice Recorder, Document ...  More

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In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone, and EasyGrouper leverages your existing devices to ...  More

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Docs Reader for Microsoft Office

This app allows you to view and manage your Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word or PDF documents, Power ...  More

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STOIC Oct 10th 2012