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Get your art reviewed - or review others' efforts

For those of you who have an artistic bent but are yet to be discovered by the great art buyers of the world then this site will probably tick most of your boxes. If you’re an avid sketcher, prefer water colors or even dabble in oils then you can upload your masterpieces and get them critiqued by your peers out there. If your preferred artistic medium is photography there is room for that on Piccte as well. It’s all about points of course and you have to earn them. To kick things off all new members are given sufficient points to enable them to post two pieces of ...  More

Pictte Dec 24th 2011

NYC Apartment hunting can cost less

Apartment hunting is a scary business especially in NYC. It can also be an expensive business and not only in respect of the rental prices as there is often "Mr Ten Per cent" to consider and he likes his cake at both ends of the transaction. Naked Apartments can go a long way to not only help you find what you’re looking for but in a lot of cases succeed without you having to stump up the broker fees that go with it.  More

Naked Apartments Dec 15th 2011

Find out what a company is really like before you join them

Are you hankering for a change of employment? Do you have an idea of the business you want to work for? Maybe you've got this idea in your head of working for a specific company but dont really know much about them. Well CareerBliss is an employment app that can help you out there by providing company reviews by real employees, detailed salary information, local job opportunities and goes out of its way to help you find a job that makes you happy!  More

CareerBliss Dec 9th 2011

The perfect building contractor for your next job

If you're keen to avoid the cowboys out there when it comes to your home improvementproject or repair requirements then is certainly worth stopping by. The site works in a number of ways, as a search tool for listed contractors and also asa matching service putting customers with a specific need and budget in touch withappropriate service providers. It also acts as a great marketing site for contractors to gettheir name out there.  More

Buildzoom Nov 25th 2011

The better way to rank the best movies of all time

I ran video and DVD stores for years and must have been asked a hundred times what my favorite film of all time is. Eventually I just settled on Apocalypse Now to save the argument. It is pretty easy to pick about twenty or so of my all time favorites but it was hard to narrow it down to just the one. I should have just put them on to Flickchart. It's a movie review tool delivered in the most beautiful of interfaces that allows you to pick and rank your 'Best Movies of All Time' as well as presenting a vast array of trivia and movie information.   I truly love this movie tool. ...  More

Flickchart May 25th 2009

Movie Recommendations & Community

Criticker is a very useful movie review tool that you can connect up to your social network. But not just any movie review tool. It aims to match you up with people with similar taste to your own to enhance your movie watching experience. While it would be easy to just recommend films to you, Criticker prefers to analyze your viewing past to pit you in touch with people that could guide your viewing future.     Criticker aims to match you with the people who share your taste in film most exactly by using the Taste Compatibility Index. With TCI you can identify with whom you ...  More

Criticker Oct 14th 2007

Share Movie Ratings with Friends

There are so many movie apps on the Internet these days that any new ones have to be pretty special to grab my attention. Usually they are just fairly anonymous outlets for the studios to regurgitate their stories and reviews and not a lot else. The things that set Flixster apart from the others are two simple words - Rotten Tomatoes. If you aren't familiar with RT it is getting a reputation for honest reviews and is comparable to IMDB in it's information well. So, Flixster plus Rotten Tomatoes gives you a movie review tool that is a serious contender.     The Flixster ...  More

Flixster Oct 28th 2007

The most trusted reviews online

Businesses selling online can often suffer from a couple of negative issues one of which is supposed to overcome the other.   More

The lack of a physical presence rules out the possibility for customers to touch and feel whatever is up for sale be it product or service. The obvious way to overcome that problem is by having reviews posted by existing and past customers but then there are always the inevitable questions about the integrity of those.   More

eTrue Jul 4th 2011

Employers and Employees Review their Staffing Companies

When it comes to customer reviews for most businesses they can be very useful but usually only come from one direction. In the case of staff agencies, be they permanent or temporary, they are exposed on two fronts.   More


Staffing Reviews Jun 26th 2011

How many Movies have you seen?

Movies and lists go together like love and marriage. We've all got our favorites but there are so many great films out there. Which ones are your faves? I Check Movies allows you to do just that. It gives you a whole bunch of all time great movies lists for you to tick off as you watch them.  When I Check Movies gets to know your taste it's intuitive search engine will recommend other great movies to you based on the films you love.   iCheckMovies is a movie review and organize tool that helps you keep a personal list of movies you have seen and liked. They use your ticks and ...  More

I check Movies May 25th 2010

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