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Like BankRate, but with bank rates

When it comes to giving the banks a good kicking it’s been open season for a long time now. Not that this is a bank bashing site by any means but the review facility does give users a platform to vent their considerable frustration about all things from misplaced money to unprofessional service levels.   More

MyBankTracker Mar 24th 2009

Your App In The Spotlight

So, you've developed this brilliant app and you've spent most of your project budget already and don't have a lot left to splash out on developing and marketing your precious baby. What do you do now to take it to  the next level. You think you've done all the hard work but really this is where it begins. Resonity is an iPhone review tool that will help put your treasured app in front of it's developer community to expose it and collect the feedback you need to propel it forwards.   Resonity has a powerful and experienced community of experts and developers who will download, ...  More

Resonity Sep 23rd 2011

I Love My Job - I Hate My Job - Read Job Reviews and Rate Your Job

You know what they say? Everybody else's job is better than your own. So what if you were offered a new job at a new company. How can you find out what the new company is REALLY like. Simple! In JobVent you can see all the posts from the company's employees and see what they REALLY think of the place.   JobVent is a job review tool that offers the chance for employees to make anonymous reviews about their place of work -good or bad. Employees can rate their company on a 1 to 5 scale and the final rating represents the average of the reviewers' ratings for each of the detailed ratings ...  More

JobVent Jan 2nd 2009

Movie reviews and more

Social Movie Reviews, in 160 Characters or is a social networking site with a difference. This free app manages to offer the interraction of a social networking site whilst allowing the user to become their own film critic by writing and posting short and sweet reviews of all their favourite movies. It can also be used as a research tool to keep a record of all the films you have watched. Each one with your very own review and rating.But it's the networking side of things that really makes so much fun and sets it apart from similar apps. in a Twitterish kind of ...  More

Revview May 4th 2011


Meetingforgoals helps teams eliminate useless meetings that do not advance the company goals. ...  More

business management meeting software

Mar 10th 2022


Primetric is Resource, Finance & Project Management Software dedicated to small and medium-sized ...  More

resource portfolio time tracking

Mar 1st 2022


Primetric is Resource, Finance & Project Management Software dedicated to small and medium-sized ...  More

time tracking time management saas tool

Mar 1st 2022


CodeInterview allows you to interview developers in an online collaborative code editor. With ...  More

video interviewing software software recruiting software

Feb 28th 2022


TeleCRM is a tele-calling , sales CRM and automation app. It has got a ton of features and ...  More

software crm android

Feb 26th 2022


Investment marketplace platform that brings together retail investors, market experts and ...  More

software automation finance

Nov 16th 2021

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