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AI + user generated Photo Maps is the core of our Travel App called UrbanBird. We are bringing ...  More

social arkit nearby

Sep 6th 2017

Test4startup 2.0

T4S allows you to carry out a full research of the market for your project, even if it is just ...  More

startup big data analytics

Jul 3rd 2017


Brixx is a free online tool for planning and modelling the future of your startup or business. ...  More

startup accounting online

Feb 23rd 2017


Supermood is the most beautiful way to motivate you when you don't feel to work. Swipe through ...  More

entrepreneur motivational quotes startup

Oct 16th 2016

UrbanBird - Discover local places, explore nearby with UB

UrbanBird app is the best way to discover what’s nearby! Serving up local recommendations, UB ...  More

startup picture photo

Aug 31st 2016


Growth Hacking as a service: try our products and tools for marketing automation and lead ...  More

web business crm

Jan 18th 2016


Jobs at the best culture companies in the world. You deserve to be treated well and work with ...  More

career job startup

Dec 17th 2015


Get tons of Viral content from all over the world and be completely entertained! You can get ...  More

youtube video twitter

Sep 29th 2015


TechMafia.Net – we help side projects, mobile apps, startups, code snippet and mobile games to ...  More

publishing mobile apps advertising

Aug 6th 2015


Smartcasual lowers the barrier for business networking. We display all the professionals around ...  More

business job location

Aug 4th 2015

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