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Data into stories

The guys behind this app have put some serious thought into it and anyone with a web based business will surely find some of its features provide for eye opening analysis.   More

I won’t begin to list all of the functions to be found on as the site has very detailed guides on how to set the system up to produce every kind of chart and graph you could possibly need to tell you the inside story on your website business. Suffice to say, without the ability to actually meet your customers face to face, gauge their feelings and get an overall feel for customer mood you’ll get the next best thing here and more.   More

DigMyData Jun 9th 2011

Executive Dashboards for Google Analytics

Good website owners and managers will keep a constant eye on their online performance. Great ones will find an analytical tool that will transform the confusing stuff into valuable business insights. DashThis! is a business stats management tool for your domain that will create executive dashboards from any Google Analytics account. It delivers a wealth of analytics to help even the most Luddite of business managers make sense of it.   DashThis! Wants to change the way you've been dealing with web analytics. The goal  is to transform confusing analytics into valuable business ...  More

DashThis! Sep 8th 2011

Be aware of what is happening in your site, find out about it first.

It's all well and good to monitor your website performance by eye but sometimes a little deeper analysis is required if you really want to be on your game. Userlook is a web monitoring platform that enables you to see what's happening with your website right now so you can react immediately and optimize it's frontline to engage customers more readily.   Userlook provides a lot of features for real-time monitoring of your website. You can see what is happening on site right now and react fast on site events and empower your frontline to engage customers. After a quick and easy ...  More

Userlook Oct 5th 2011

Check stats for Domain and Keywords

One of the more complex pieces of information when analyzing yours or your competitor's website is understanding the keywords by which it is located through Google search. Webstatedomain is a free online domain seo stats tool that collects and analyzes domains and the keywords for which those domains were optimized.   Webstatsdomain collects detailed information about keywords by which sites are located in search results. However, it's not just your information you are seeking. It also notes the  keywords and plenty of other statistics from your potential rivals and similar sites ...  More

Webstatsdomain Sep 26th 2011

Invest Intelligently.

The theory isn’t rocket science, if you buy something at well below its real value then you not only have a bargain but the potential to make a hefty profit when the rest of the world catches up. The theory may well not be rocket science but the number crunching required to analyze the treasure locked away in a business’s financial statements could be viewed by some as such.  More

Vuru Apr 18th 2011

Transforming boring data into memorable stories

While it looks and sounds like just a bit of fun, Piktochart really does have a place as a design share tool in the business and blogging community. It manages to find a way of turning the story you are trying to tell into an infographic picture. It is said that viewers comprehend and remember six times more information from an infographic picture than they do from a printed word version...something to think about.   Piktochart is a stress free way of getting your message across to an audience that has sat through thousands of boring presentations littered with graphs and ...  More

Piktochart Sep 12th 2011

Visualize your business performance

If you’re a business owner that’s happy just looking at the bottom line when the bookkeeper hands you the accounts then fine. If however you’d like some detail on what the figures mean in relation to all the other data plus their likely impact on the future of the company then you should look at this site.   More

Analysis-One Apr 30th 2008

Prices worldwide!

Billed purely as a worldwide cost of living comparison site, clearly has ideas to expand beyond that, more of which will be touched on later.  More

Totally free, and with content that can be altered by anyone with an internet connection, the site is obviously keen to disclaim any responsibility for total accuracy. Having said that it does contain useful information which is constantly being updated by users on the move, and the more contributors coming to the party the more accurate the averages will be.  More

Numbeo Apr 6th 2011

Compare and share your Twitter activity with friends and competitors

So how's your popularity on Twitter? FusionTweet is the latest Twitter analysis that give you the means to see just how you stack up against your guineas competitors or political rivals, if it comes to that. It allows you to see, via a serious of detailed polls and graphs, just how well you are received by your adoring public.  More

FusionTweet Aug 16th 2011

Custom Analytics On-Demand

Anyone who has ever sat in a sales meeting feigning interest as yet another chart or graph is passed around for discussion will know how liberating it is when it’s all over. It doesn’t get much better out in the field either when the various key statistics aimed at driving your activity have to be accessed separately.  More

youcalc Oct 25th 2008

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