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How successful is your web communication?

You've worked pretty hard on your website and you think it's pretty good but how can you tell how good it really is? Do you rely on feedback from friends and colleagues to decide whether the site really achieves what you want it to or do you need a little more analytical data. Clickmap is a tool that analyzes your domain page and even shows you which parts of the site work and which don't.  More

clickmap Aug 22nd 2011

Thrive - Goals, Ideas, Decisions

You know how we all come up with those kinds of goals and ideas that get us really excited but ...  More

decisions task management productivity

Oct 24th 2019

Lunet - The Beauty of Movies

THE BEAUTY OF MOVIES HAS NEVER BEEN CLEARER Lunet is a beautiful and mesmerizing solution for ...  More

mobile cinema film

Mar 12th 2018

Orange Pear

Use Orange Pear to effectively manage your real estate. If you are a private real estate owner, ...  More

stats realestate invoicing

Aug 12th 2015

Get complete Website Stats, Traffic Stats, Search Engines Index Stats, Website Safety Stats, ...  More

seo stats website

Feb 4th 2015


Game Stats – Dota2 Edition This app is designed for all the dota2 lovers who would like to view ...  More

game stats ios

Dec 2nd 2014


Passenger lets you keep track of your trips, share them with your friends, collect travel miles ...  More

android cars environment

Nov 18th 2014


Transform your martial arts school for the better! nextbelt is the app which sticks and comes up ...  More

management schools sport

Oct 10th 2014


Everything in your Hands! Wherever you are, the best trading app is now with you at all ...  More

android gambling game

Oct 7th 2014


pknoa! is a very simple way to keep track of everything. It uses natural language processing, to ...  More

data database management

Jul 18th 2014

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