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Vocalise your social networking

The way we access our social networks has changed very subtly over the last year and that's partly down to the legacy of Steve Jobs. With the onslaught of mobiles and tablets being gobbled up by our avid populace rather than the more sedentary home computer there is now more of a tendency to access networks whilst on the move. It is not always convenient to access your networks while jogging or commuting to work or when driving, if it comes to that. Hubbub is a new kind of social network that relies on sound. It allows you to record, share and listen to voice messages and vocal streams ...  More

Hubbub app May 8th 2012

Take your audio and video files with you without syncing and copying

If you've ever wanted to find a way to play the audio and video files stored on your Mac or PC when you are off on a trip you will know what a pain it can be. Airplayit is a next-generation video and audio streaming application for smartphones that solves that problem without asking you to spend ages copying them from your computer for watching and sharing. It works in two parts. One part sits on your computer sharing your files on your hard drive or iTunes library while the other sits on your iPad or iPhone and allows you to play them.   Air Playit is a video streaming application ...  More

airplayit Mar 1st 2012


Easily broadcast your Live media to Facebook, YouTube, and 45 platforms at the same ...  More

facebook live chat app

Nov 2nd 2021


‘WhatsOnFlix?’ is a Netflix companion app that answers the age-old question - “What do I watch ...  More

guide shows filters

Nov 26th 2020

Boxopus is a fast and easy online torrent downloader it downloads torrents to the Dropbox or ...  More

streaming torrent google-drive

Aug 2nd 2019 is a scalable microservice that developers can implement with only a few lines of ...  More

streaming video api

Jun 30th 2018


We believe music is better with friends! JQBX lets you be a DJ, join a party, or just kick back ...  More

music live social

Jan 5th 2018


SplitCloud is a free app that gives you two independent music players with adjustable volumes ...  More

music share streaming

Jul 4th 2017


Sylo combines your Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes into one massive library of all your ...  More

streaming music aggregator

Nov 1st 2016


BIGO.LIVE Enables the Digital Generation to ‘Make Life More Interesting’ by Sharing Talent ...  More

mobile streaming social

Oct 26th 2016

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