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A website for smart splitting of shared expenses among roommates, and following who owes who. ...  More

blogger marketing students

Mar 7th 2015


PerkMe uses Apple's iBeacon technology to offer location relevant perks to discount shoppers. ...  More

blogger marketing marketplace

Mar 5th 2015


BASICALLY sends you the 5 most popular financial news in the US and explains them in less ...  More

blog business finance

Mar 5th 2015

VBall ScoreMaster

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport and you need to be able to keep score with the minimum of ...  More

family friends sms

Mar 4th 2015


Teachers, professors, trainers, or anyone who conducts a class of any kind can use TeachBack ...  More

education students

Feb 24th 2015

Educational games for kids

Your kids will learn alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year ...  More

animation child education

Feb 5th 2015

Adaptive SAT-Math

Adaptive SAT - Math is a unique and first of its kind test prep app for SAT exam. There are ...  More

academic software education ipad

Jan 23rd 2015


SchooLinks is a startup based in L.A. that is working night and day to offer students with ...  More

web education startup

Jan 18th 2015

Achieve Lending is a user friendly portal that allows you to search, find, and compare ...  More

finance students

Dec 16th 2014


BetterFlow helps students write college papers and use multiple research documents in the same ...  More

education productivity students

Oct 23rd 2014

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